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  1. One thing to think about. There is a NEW-ish trend in tables to be counter height. This option will let you have a high chair up at your table height, when an average HC will be too low for the baby/toddler to feel like they are really at the table with the family.

  2. I have this as a second choice highchair. I ADORE the regular Fisher Price High chairs. There are many varieties of the same chair. One of wich is the Precious Planet. It is an A+ chair with a high weight limit and a LOT of versatility. The Space Saver option is stordy, but if your chair is not as strong, wobboly, or has narrow leggs, then this chair is only as strong as the chair it is placed on. Also, some chairs do not allow this HC to recline. One other thing….. this is only for my personal Space Saver, I believe. When you look at the base, it is not level/even. The base raises and lowers for height alterations. No matter what one side always sits a touch higher than the other. I could probbable say something to the company, but It is such a hastle to do this type of thing. It wouldn’t matter for older babies, but any baby who may be dealing with a flat head issue…. this little bit sure would matter. Both of my sons were born with slight flat spots from my pelvic bone. I had to be extra careful with issues such as these.
    I LOVE Fisher Price’s price points on high chairs. My Precious Planet one will lover to a short chair that my toddlers can use when reading a book and can climb in and out of at will. <3<3<3 LOVE the options!

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