Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

spacesaver jumperoo

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo has been popular with the baby crowd for years, but was typically a space hog for parents. Stocked with songs, lights and toys, the Jumperoo engages baby’s motor skills, visual and auditory senses, while letting them bounce until their baby heart’s content.

All that awesomeness came in a big, hard-to-hide-away package…until now!

Introducing the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo!

Baby’s natural jumping and kicking actions send the seat bouncing up and down with lights, sounds and music. The best thing about this new version is the new bouncy spring in the back that lets you easily fold the whole frame flat for portable play or space-saving storage!

To get a sneak peek at this new SpaceSaver Jumperoo that will be available in October 2014 (retailing for $69.99), watch our Baby Gizmo video below.


  1. I had a chance to check out this jumperoo at a local Babies R Us yesterday and I gotta say, this is by far the worst jumperoo I’ve seen. While the materials used, the build quality and the seat are very similar to other fisher price jumperoos, the actual jumping is where it sucks. The seat hangs by just one spring as opposed to 3 in most of the other jumperoos. And this makes it very hard to jump in this one. Better spend a few extra $$ and get the Rainforest jumperoo.


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