Fisher-Price Stand-Up Ballcano Review (VIDEO)

Fisher Price BallcanoHolidays are coming up fast and we know you all are going to be scrambling last minute to pick up those hot toys for your little ones. That’s why we are trying to give you a head start by featuring new toys between now and December.

Today, we are featuring a fun, new toy from Fisher-Price that was designed for babies and toddlers 6 months to 36 months.

The Fisher-Price Stand-Up Ballcano is a blend of an activity table and a ball toy. This interactive toy stands on three sturdy legs (though it is better to place your baby at the leg instead of in between the legs for extra stability) and is the perfect height to encourage babies to pull up, stand, cruise & crawl which is all good for developing gross motor skills.

While it features lights, music, sounds and motion, we love that the it isn’t overwhelming. Parents will like the volume control (soft, loud and off) and the fact that there is no specific songs that will get stuck in your head. Nothing is worse than getting a ho-down song stuck in your head…all…day…long.

The lights are fun too but don’t expect any Vegas lights shows with this toy. They are subtle. We love subtle.

Six balls are included with the toy to enhance hand-eye coordination. Baby will be able to grasp the balls easily and drop them on top of the Ballcano. ¬†Once the balls are on top and your baby bats at a roller, the action begins. The balls are spewed (not in a scary way!) out of the center to roll down one of the three side leg ramps. While the balls may end up contained in the bottom of the Ballcano’s legs, many times they will miss and roll away. This will encourage your baby (or you depending on how old your baby is!) to chase them and return them back to the action.

While this toy has a big recommended age range, we definitely think it is best for babies 6-15 months. Any older than 18 months and we think the baby will tire of it quickly. Overall, we like the toy. It doesn’t take up a ton of room, has music but no specific songs that we will hear in our sleep, the lights are fun but subtle and it will only set you back less than $40.

So that you can see the Fisher-Price Stand-Up Ballcano up close and personal, we did a Baby Gizmo Video to show you.

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*Disclosure: I am an official Fisher-Price Play Ambassador. I was provided with a Ballcano for my review.  As always, all my statements, opinions and comments are my own.