Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Castle Quest Set Review (VIDEO)

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train is a hit with the littles and Fisher-Price brings him alive with the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Castle Quest Set. This motorized train set designed for ages 3-8 is based on the Thomas & Friends movie, “King of the Railway”. This set comes with the Thomas engine, cargo car, the King’s crown and track set to make the entire multi-level track.

Trackmaster set

Your kids will help Thomas on his quest for the missing King’s crown that is hidden in the castle grounds. Before Thomas can succeed with finding the crown, he has to navigate though five “close calls”. Our Lil’ Baby Gizmo testers loved that the walls collapsed just as Thomas narrowly made his way across the track and that there is a crane to swing missing track into place just in time to keep Thomas chugging along. There favorite part of the train set is the collapsing track that sends Thomas soaring down an abandoned mine where he recovers the hidden crown.

Thomas the Train

We found the the track can be tricky for the younger kids┬áto assemble correctly so parents will have to help. Once it is set up, it’s as easy as switching Thomas’ switch to on and the action begins. The train set retails for $60, which may seem pricey to some parents, but when we compared it to other motorized trains for kids, it was right on par. Plus, we don’t know if it is because Thomas is motorized or because of the various “close calls”, but our 4-year-old tester plays with this track all the time. He will play for a good 45 minutes to an hour at a time using his imagination, talking to Thomas and introducing Thomas to other “friends” (aka other random cars that he adds to the track!). Overall, we are super pleased with the fact that this toy is actually played with a lot!


Thomas the Train

To see the Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Castle Quest Set in action, watch our Baby Gizmo video review as our Lil’ Baby Gizmo testers show it to you up close and personal.

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*Disclosure: We would like to thank Fisher-Price for sending us a train set for consideration for review. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.