Five free iPhone apps your toddler will love.

If your toddler is anything like mine, he or she loves getting a hold on your cell phone. If I let my son sit and hold my iPhone, he will instantly become quiet, still, and well behaved. Something every mother dreams of, right? Since my son loves my phone so much I am always searching for educational apps to download for him. Here are five free iPhone apps I know your toddler will love as much as mine.

iphone toddler apps

1. The ABC song by Kids Games Club. My son is a little too young for this one but it’s a great app for teaching your kids the ABC’s . It’s fun, bright, and colorful and my son loves it even though he can’t sing along yet.

2. Fisher Price Animal Sounds. This app is great entertainment and makes my son laugh every time. He loves to hear the animal sounds and he’s getting very good at repeating them. He can tell you what the dog, cat, and cow say along with other animals, too.

3. Watch Disney Junior. My son loves all the shows on Disney, especially Jake and The Neverland Pirates and this app makes watching all those shows much easier.

4. Toddler Flashcards by iTOT Apps. My husband and I have been wanting to get my son flash cards so we can begin to familiarize him with different objects and help him to learn new words. This is a great app for that. It makes flash cards and learning fun.

5. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn, Let’s Count. This is a great app to teach kids how to count. it also helps them identify animals and it’s really cute, too. It is very easy to use and keeps my son entertained for a long time.


Do you use any apps for your kids? What are your favorites?