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  1. To have that Encouragement at then end, I just want to say thank you! I am one day away from being 39 weeks pregnant, 8 more days to go. Even though I’ve have been a great sport to myself, your encouragement just made me realize I haven’t heard it as often as needed! Thank you again 🙂

  2. Just a note, I had a very similar experience with my first epidural. It was horrible!

    With my second, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I talked with my very kind midwife and the anesthesiologist. I learned that each epidural is different. Sometimes the needle doesn’t go in quite right; sometimes your body just doesn’t react as expected; a number of things could happen, but just because it doesn’t work once doesn’t mean it won’t the next time. My anesthesiologist agreed with me to wait as long as possible (I was dilated to about an 8 when I got the epidural), and then he administered a teeny tiny test dose to make sure it was working the way we wanted it to.

    My second epidural was completely different than my first and I was able to deliver my second baby in a much less stressful (and less painful) situation. I got an epidural with my third as well and it was just as wonderful. With that one, we learned that I am highly sensitive to the anesthetic and don’t need a large dose, which actually may have contributed to the awful first experience!

    Anyway, good luck to all!

  3. Fortunately my epidural worked just fine, and yes my legs felt like they were 500lbs each I kept yelling my legs are falling off the bed… Haha I had no control. Talk about modesty… I delivered my baby on all fours. Yup on my hands and knees! Talk about an experience. So many things were going on, my water broke at home( in tub fortunately). The baby’s head wasn’t positioned in the center and we almost went into c-section. Her heart rate kept dropping so that’s why I had to be in the all 4’s position. And finally she wouldn’t come out so they also had to use the suction on her head. I tore pretty bad they had to sew me up twice. The pain afterwards was unbelievable it felt like I had something up my pants. Sitting hurt too. But it’s okay it was all worth it, because I have the most beautiful healthy little girl anyone could ask for. Praise God!!

  4. I had all of these happened to me! I had chosen to forgo an epidural with my second but ended up having to have an emergency c-section at 36 weeks. I was flaming hot the whole time with both deliveries.

  5. expect to be hot or cold. and very hungry. when my first was born all i wanted was food, and I was boiling hot for hours. uncomfortably so. With my newest (6.5weeks) I was freezing and shaking afterwards (very quick delivery, under 3 min I would say) So come with a fan and an extra blanket.

    Also if you have en epidural and some tiem before you are in your perminant room, dont wait to pee. i forgot to ask for a catheter to empty my bladder after the birth, and we were in the labour room for 2 hours before I went to my room and it was still another hour or so before I could use my legs to get up and go to the bathroom (the left was seriously dead for most the day). I got to the bathroom and as i am standing there filling my peri bottle i started peeing. I had no control what so ever didnt feel myself doing it, couldnt stop it. it was a mess had to call a nurse. I understand why i happens, all those IV fluids in and no taking them out. SO my advise is have them empty your bladder after delivery so you dont pee yourself without your control. Had to throw out a new pair of slippers……

  6. The thing they never mentioned to me was the rush of hormones that leaves your body with the baby can sometimes make you shiver uncontrollably.

  7. I had the shakes before with my second. I couldn’t get warm enough! I had great labors with both my children. I had midwives for my first and a great Dr. For my second. One thing I wished was that I had drank more water during my labor part at home, I was very dehydrated and needed an IV. Something I didn’t think about was how hungry I would be after having the babies! Use the resources while your at the hospital. I had a hard time getting my son to latch and nurses and lactation consultants were so helpful in getting me to where I was comfortable on my own.

  8. 6. The shakes! After I had my first–and only–child, I was brought into my room, and I was looking forward to some much-needed sleep. Didn’t happen! I started shaking so uncontrollably that my teeth were chattering and my feet were bouncing off the bed. Horrible!

    Re: #3. I have to say I did not have that experience! I had one nurse the entire time and then my doctor checked in on me every hour. I thought that was the norm! Ha looking back on it now though, it may have been because I was an “at risk” pregnancy and ended up having an emergency c-section.

  9. Having a homebirth with #2 (attended by a great CNM) was so much easier and nicer than the hospital birth the first time (which included a scowly midwife). The main thing that came as a surprise to me the first time was how many stitches were involved and all the pain with recovery after a relatively easy delivery. Second one didn’t involve any stitches, praise God!

    And yes, YOU CAN DO IT! Had two over 10lbs and like I said the second one didn’t involve any stitches.

  10. Here are some-

    Embarrassment regarding modesty comes back once the baby is born and it can be difficult to bare your breast for feeding time when your room is full of visitors (even if it’s just your mother in law)

    Recovering from an episiotomy is horribly painful

    (Usually starting from the 2nd birth) After birth contractions are like being in labor all over again

  11. You’re so right! With epidural, throughout pregnancy I kept thinking of giving it a go without any painkillers but when the contractions came there it was, the horrible pain in my lower back that I simply couldn’t stand… So I went with epidural and it was amazing, I couldn’t feel any pain but I still felt every contraction and the midwife didn’t need to tell me when to push. One thing to note and the midwife forgot to tell me was that with epidural I couldn’t eat anything and since coming to hospital the day before I was seriously eating for two 🙂 Also the midwife was amazed that I knew what to do and when. I’m 23 and that was my first baby.. Same with your experience with being in a hospital gown and everyone coming and going, I thought I’d care more.. LOL I was lucky enough to have one wonderful midwife as my labor was very quick. There’s one thing I’d add to your list – no one tells you what happens if there’s something (anything) wrong with the baby.. I didn’t get to hold my son after birth, he was taken straight to intensive care for tests, xrays and stuff. Doctors came 2 hours later to tell us what was going on..

  12. Re. #3 – I had that experience with my first delivery which is why I’m so happy I went with a midwife the second time. #5 too. She was with us from beginning to end and very reassuring that I could do it! Choosing a practitioner who would be there the whole time was possibly the best decision I ever made since accepting my husband’s proposal.

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