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Five Things They Don’t Tell You About Labor and Delivery

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Now that I’ve given birth, I can share five things with everyone that you may not know about labor and delivery. When I went to classes I heard the same information over and over, but when I was in labor myself, there were so many moments I thought to myself- “Why didn’t they tell me this?” I’m here to share those things with you today!

1. The first thing they won’t tell you is that your epidural may not work.

I went into labor knowing 100% that I wanted the epidural. Many friends of mine had gotten the epidural and told me that after it was administered, they felt no pain, were completely relaxed, and even went to sleep. That sounded amazing to me so I was all for getting one. When I got my epidural, nothing happened. It completely numbed my left leg and that’s it. I felt every single thing except my left leg felt like it weighed 500 pounds. I was later told that the epidural may not work for everyone. Had I known this, I may not have gotten it in the first place. When it comes time for me to have another baby, I will definitely be skipping the epidural.

2. You  may throw up.

More than once. No one ever told me that I may start feeling very sick to my stomach and throw up. I kept telling the nurse I felt like this and she said that it happens to most people. I never knew that.

3. Nurses come and go and you only see your delivery doctor at the end.

I always thought I would have the same nurse the entire time I was in labor and never realized my nurses had a life outside of the hospital. When their shift is over, they go home and you get another nurse. Be prepared to meet lots of nice people when you’re in labor. I was also under the impression that the doctor who would deliver me would be checking on me the whole time. The nurses really do everything until you’re ready to push.

4. Modesty goes out the window.

I consider myself a very modest person and the thought of being in just a hospital gown and everyone seeing me exposed sounded horrible. When I was in labor, I could have cared less who saw me. Bring in the troops if you have to,  just get that baby out!

5. You can do it!

Not everyone will tell you this. Some people only talk about how painful labor is and how difficult delivering a baby is. While that’s true, you can do it! If you’re pregnant right now and scared about giving birth, don’t be! Think of all the trillions of women who have given birth, and know that you can do it! You are strong and capable and you are in good hands!

I would love to hear from you if you have anything to share about something that surprised you during your labor and delivery. Leave it in a comment below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.