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  1. Martha, they now sell stay dry fitted diapers. We have a few from Soothe Baby from etsy and she also has a facebook page. If you choose not to use a stay dry diaper then you can purchase stay dry liners that lay between diaper and baby. Hope that helps! We plan on using the fleece side snap covers for our newborn and just laying in a stay dry charcoal bamboo insert inside the cover. Won’t work for an older baby but will work for the first few weeks for home use.

  2. I am about to be a first time granny and will have a large role in caring for the baby. You said, ” With an extra liner of fleece in the middle of her fleece soakers, we’ve had no overnight leaks (yay!)…”. That’s Greek to me! What is a fleece soaker? The bed stays dry with only the fleece overpant just over a diaper? What is between the baby and the cotton diaper to keep the baby dry?

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