Fluff Alert! Gro-Via Friday B4 Friday Sale!

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways..

I love my Gro-Via AIO diapers.

1) Trim.  No diaper is as skinny between the thighs as my Gro-Via diapers are.  The side snaps keep the front and backside super trim too.  My daughter can even wear a few pairs of jeans with these diapers but to be fair most jeans still don’t fit.  The second soaker is snapped into the diaper and can be washed this way so no maintenance is needed between washes.  However if these diapers are being used on a newborn the second soaker can be removed allowing for the trimmest fit found in a one size diaper.

2) Absorbent.  I was hesitant at first but these diapers are so absorbent I have started using them at night too.  12-13 hours straight and NO leaking!

3) Fit.  The stretchy wings allow for the perfect fit.  Love the fit on my long and chunky thighed little lady.  Since she has started walking her thighs have thinned out and the fit is still fantastic.  I have had NO leaks and NO red marks!

4) Organic.   The inside is 100% organic cotton and although the cotton loses its softness with each wash the natural material cleans up beautifully.

5) Soft & Stylish.  The outer TPU layer has an almost silky soft feel.  Available in 3 prints and 3 solid colors.

6) Quick-drying.  These diapers launder with the greatest of ease.  Stains come out with almost every wash and diapers dry in one cycle!

7) Convenience.  Nothing is as convenient as an All-in-One diaper.  I don’t have to bother with sorting or stuffing or folding.  I wash and dry the diapers as is and throw them in a clean laundry basket and just grab them as I need them.  So easy!

Gro-Via is having a Friday B4 Black Friday Sale.  If you are on the look-out for a quality all-in-one diaper then check out this sale.  Everything on the Gro-Via site will be 25% off.  The site also features their All-in-Two hybrid diaper and some great cloth diaper accessories.

Looking for a new cloth diaper detergent?  Check out Rockin’ Green!

Black Friday (or Green Friday as Rockin’ Green is calling it) SALE: Between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m. on “Green Friday” you can purchase special Classic Rock bags of Rockin’ Green for only $10 (regularly $13.95) and Hard Rock bags for $12 (regularly $15.95)* – quite the steal!    *Limit two per customer

– Contributed by Melissa

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