Flutterbye Fairies Review (VIDEO)

Flutterbye Fairies came out late last year, but they are still going strong during kids’ TV programming, and line the end caps at popular toy stores. On a trip recently to ToysRUs with my kids, we came across all the Fairies in all their flying promise glory.

“The Magic is in your hand” they claim. How could my princess/fairy-loving nine-year-old daughter resist?

“They fly for real above your hand!” she squealed. “I saw it on TV!”

Sure, we all know you can’t put anything on TV or online if it isn’t true.

But $34 for all that flying goodness? Yikes, that is a little pricey for such a little fairy.

“BUT she reeeeaallly flies,” my daughter whined.

Yeah, I’m sure it is just as magical as that overly-produced TV commercial that she has seen. Even though I was skeptical, I thought this would be a great time to try it out for the Baby Gizmo peeps and let them know if this flying fairy really works. Just in case you are in the same predicament that I was in at ToysRUs.

So, if you want to know if the fairy flies and what we thought about Flutterbye, watch our Baby Gizmo video below.