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  1. Both my kids have sound spas in their room. they’re not as fancy as this.. just a basic small homedics unit that has all diferent sound settings. I love that is also battery operated so I dont have to worry if the power goes out. My almost 3 year old even turns it on himself when he’s getting ready for bed. We take it everywhere with us when really helps to bring part of the bed time routine with us so they stay on track.

  2. love this machine . i have one and my son loves it! the ocean sound is the best!! i was on a boat almost every weekend from my 6 month to 8.5 month of pregnancy so i feel that it is a sound that might remind him of the womb .

  3. I have this and I love it! I bought mine at a consignment sale for 8 bucks….best ever! Up until then we had to hook up the iPod every night.

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