For My Baby With Supersonic Hearing, I love My Homedics Soundspa Lullaby

As a baby, my first daughter had a “supernatural” power. She had the power of supersonic hearing. I know. Laugh now if you want. But, seriously, I’m not even kidding.

From experience, I know that she can hear a bag of chips opening, a quiet yawn, floor board creaks (40 square feet away!), and my breathing from anywhere in our almost 3,000 foot townhome.

Because my daughter could hear everything, naptimes and bedtimes were always tough. We practiced co-sleeping, and while I would lie down with her, it was the leaving part that was a problem.

So, I would turn on the AC, the bathroom fan, and pray for rain in the beginning to escape without her waking. And this worked sometimes, but sometimes, and especially after she figured out my “sneaky” escape plans, she would always wake up upon hearing me leave.

So, as a solution, I bought a Homedics Soundspa Lullaby.

I bought it at Target for $29.99 out of the hope that it could work a miracle and keep my child asleep long enough to eat lunch, watch a lifetime movie, etc.

Along with having a variety of sounds (3 natural sounds and 3 lullabies), some other things I liked that the Homedics Soundspa Lullaby were that:

  • It features three disks that can inserted to project images that “play” on your child’s nursey ceiling. The three options for the images are of a nighttime (sheep, mooon, stars) theme, a underwater theme, and a jungle theme.
  •  The sounds can be controlled by a timer that sets to 15 minute intervals. This is nice for when your baby falls asleep and you’d like to not have the noise playing throughout their sleep.
Things I don’t like about this product:
Other than the design of the AC/DC adapter, which I wish could fit flat to a wall (or flatter to a wall), I have no complaints about the Homedic Soundspa Lullaby. I loved it with my first daughter and love it still with my second daughter. I think I became a true “believer” in the good of the Soundspa Lullaby the one week it stopped working (on account of a short in the cord) and had to deal with my daughter’s supersonic hearing again.

Would I recommend this product to other parents? Yes. I would certainly recommend it to other parents. In my reading of customer reviews before I bought my Soundspa Lullaby I read that some parents had had issues with the projector working intermittently. In my experience, I’ve never had that issue. I did (as I mentioned previously) get a short in the cord, but in calling the manufacturer, I was sent out a AC/DC cord.

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