For the “Love” of Basketball

I am not a huge sports fan. I mean, I do watch the Super Bowl halftime and, sometimes, just sometimes, I do happen to quickly glance at the Soccer games that my husband watches every Sunday on ESPN, but otherwise, I don’t do sports. I did do Volleyball in high school and went to half a practice of Golf club, but, yeah, I just don’t do sports.

Having said this, if I had to choose a favorite sport, I’d say Basketball. I like it because it’s easy to understand and look at with the volume turned down to 0. Yeah. So, given my “love” for b-ball (is that phrase outdated), I was ecstatic when my toddler received a Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set for her 2nd birthday.

What I Like Most- It Grows With Your Kid

I didn’t have much expectations for the little set when we received it. But in the three months that we’ve owned it, it’s hands down one of my favorite toys. It’s one of the few toys in my house that actually keeps my toddler entertained for longer than five minutes.

The Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is designed to work with a variety of ages. The hoop height is adjustable, so it grows with your child. Currently, with my averaged height two-year old, I have the hoop set on the lowest setting. Oh, and the basketball is lightweight and fits perfectly in small hands. The hoop is very sturdy and stable. The base of the basketball hoop can be filled with sand or water. (We, currently, do not have anything in our base, but it has yet to tip over or fall.)

The set is colored, red, blue, white, and black. It’s super easy to install (it took me 20 minutes to install), and it can be used inside or outside of your house.

Final Verdict

So, I like this toy. I like that it’s affordable (around $30) and my toddler loves it and that one day she’ll be able to say that I nurtured her passion for basketball with a set that actually worked. And that’s pretty cool.

SHOP the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set HERE

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