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  1. Your post is so timely! I’ve been super short on patience recently with our 3 that are 3 and under. I think this diagnosis is just what I needed. I thought I was SUCH a good mama because I was limiting the girls TV time but I didn’t consider my screen time. Since I use online banking I’m not sure I can totally turn off the computer but I’m going to experiment with no screen time during the day…yikes! I’m nervous just thinking about it…I heard a pastor once say, if there’s an object or idol you can’t give up you probably should (this excludes chocolate of course…lol). Thank you again for your post…you sound like an amazing mommy, juggling the kiddos and being a millitary wife…keep up the great work!

  2. We allow a total of 2 shows per day. If unchecked, my son would definitely watch tv or play on the wii/computer/phone all day long. I never turn on the television unless specifically asked for a show. The shows are only 30 minutes long. If it is an hour long show, he gets one. Video games, I allow 15-30 minutes depending on what else we’ve done during the day. Most times when he asks to watch/play something, I suggest some other non-zombie activity. Most days it works very well. I find that the less plugged in he is, the better the behavior I get out of him. There are occasions where we allow more viewing/playing time. But these are definitely spread out. I never allow free reign for television or games. He must ask first before anything goes on. If it is turned on without asking, it is turned off again, and not allowed at all for the rest of the day. If whining ensues, he loses the. Ext day as well. This has really worked well for us, and our son has benefitted greatly from these rules. We rarely have outbursts when the rules are enforced.

  3. Our #2 of 4 (soon to be 5) kids (4 yrs) is a screen addict from before he was a year old. He could sit through a full movie at 9 months while his older brother, 1.5, would drift in and out of the room looking for more.interesting things to do. Our other kids like TV too, but are content with it off just the same. We started a token system with them just a few months ago. Each child gets a token (30min screen time)/day. They are to.earn one more token each day by doing various things (staying in bed all night, getting dressed an ready without me nagging them.etc.). They are able to.turn in their tokens each day and if one chooses to jump in on anothers choice while they are watching they have to trun in their token as well (otherwise they would techinically be watch up to 3 hrs if all of them turned in.both tokens each day) This system has worked great for us, we also are able to.deny their token use when it is still light outside and they should be out playing, it has ended up that they end up only watching 1-2 30min shows/day on the weekdays usually after bath time. Our 4 and 5 year old usually pick a show each, our 3 year old is still not totally “into” the whole system I monitor his TV watching during the day and our 1 yr old is completely uninterested in TV. We are more relaxed on the weekends but are usually busy oit of the house anyways, and we live on an island with outdoor activities available year round. While our screen addict still does “something” regularly it isnt half as much as before and when we say no or this is your only time, he accepts it without an issue. Such a nice change from before.

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