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  1. There are several flaws with these recommendations. First: water temperature for making coffee should never reach boiling, but rather allowed to reach about 192-197 degrees. Secondly: after the water is poured over the grounds, one should NOT cover the pot while the coffee blooms for the desired amount of time ( three minutes is fairly accurate – some wait four). Lastly; before plunging, one should skim any grounds floating atop the brew to as these are bitter and will become incorporated into the pressed grounds.

  2. Evan – a standard coffee scoop is what u should use. I get a coffee cup full of water, boil it in a small pan, and pour it over regular ground coffee (1 scoop) and it makes the perfect single cup.
    Michelle- we have a kuerig at work but sometimes I just have to have a cup of french pressed coffee. It is superior! Upon seeing me making a cup recently, a coworker commented, “Oh, arent you fancy”. I couldnt help but giggle. Its as low tech as it gets! Great read, Michelle. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for writing this I was looking to find info on how to brew coffee w a french press. My question is regarding the scoops. What size spoon do you use to scoop the ground coffee.

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