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  1. The Marchita boot is so sweet. Since they would be for my niece Id splurge on the boots even though they might not be worn all the time.

  2. I would purchase either the funky or track sneakers in baby size! But so many are cute! Love the pixie loafer and many others!!!

  3. We find out what we are having soon but if its a girl, I love the Bergy boot baby! It would be perfect for the wintertime.

  4. Toddler-sized Flower Shoes. Maybe my barefoot kid would like them well enough not to ditch them as soon as she can get them off 🙂

  5. Definitely the tip toey joey generation sneaker kids in brown (though he’s not yet the size available I think I could save them). Super cute and love how flat but flexible the soles look.

  6. I would get the Runny Sneaker-Baby for my little man. he is just about to start walking and I have no shoes for him !

  7. any of the Tip toey joey shoes are adorable. and love the toddler boy “bolt” shoes.. my son would call them his fast shoes

  8. Oh gosh… Friendly Rooster has some super adorable kiddo/baby shoes for sure! I would LOVE to get my little man, aka 1st grader (how did that happen?!), the cool Hudson tennis shoes & our baby girl on the way the sweet Dolly Mary Janes! Thanks for the awesome giveaway guys! xx

  9. It was so hard to choose! I would get my daughter the Jump Sneaker-Toddler. Very stylish and comfy looking.

  10. My daughter would love the nurture Mary Jane shoes! They are simply adorable, like her. Plus what little girl wouldn’t shine in dazzling red shoes with bows? 🙂

  11. I love the jumpy sneaker! My LO is 8mo and now crawling and just starting to pull himself up — he has small feet for his size but they are chunky, so I’ve been searching for different shoe types to try with bottoms that are flexible!

  12. I love the boots on the home page, but I couldn’t find them in the shop! So my second choice is the Tip Toey Joey Slippy Shoe for baby.

  13. The girls shoes are adorbs! I would purchase the Dolly Mary-Janes and Funky Sneakers…there are just too many cute patterns to choose from!

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