Fun Bath Toys for Toddlers


There are three guarantees in life – death, taxes, and bath time. Whether you love bath time with your kids or dread it, unfortunately it just has to be done.

My son (almost 3 years old) is typically pretty good in the tub – but he’s much better when he’s preoccupied with some fun toys. Below are some of my -and his- favorites!

Bathtub Crayons

bathtub crayons

I’m always surprised that these clean up as easily as they do. My son loves to create art in the tub – the challenge is convincing him he can’t color on any other walls in the house!

Hoops for the Tub


The suction on this one has held up for months now, which is great. As with all squirting toys, I put a dab of hot glue over the squirting hole so water doesn’t get inside (so they don’t get gross and moldy).

Fishing Pole

gone fishing

I love that this fishing pole is magnetic – it helps my son develop his hand-eye coordination while still being fairly easy to operate. This Boon one is nice, too!

The Bath Band

bath band

Ok, so this one isn’t for everyone (especially if you have, ahem, sensitive ear drums). We love music and instruments in this household, so it only makes sense that he can play along while we jam out to tunes on Spotify in the tub! I have my eye on this xylophone too!

Bath Dropz

bath dropz

What better way to entertain a toddler than to change the color of the water? These don’t stain, either, which is awesome.

colored tub

Foam Bath Learning Toy Set

foam letters

There are tons of variations of foam letter sets on the market. This one is great because it not only has letters and numbers, it also has shapes and sight words!

USA States in the Tub

usa map

For all those overachievers – it’s never too early to start learning the states!


Oh, and if you’re thinking, “Where do you possibly store that many toys in your bathtub??” – I’ve gotcha covered. Here’s what we did!



  1. I love these toys! When my almost 3 yr old grand daughter gets in the bath tub, it is difficult to get her out! She loves playing in water.


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