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  1. I love all these ideas! Very creative! Here’s one of our traditions: Each year, for our kids’ birthday, I take a disposable table cloth purchased from the dollar store, using a thick permanent marker, write a personalized birthday greeting in a vertical direction, (put paper underneath to protect your table!) cut it 5~6 times from the bottom toward the top, and hang it in a doorway that the birthday person frequents! I add colorful balloons & curling ribbon from the top corners, too! The kids just love walking through their special entrance! It’s great for parties, too!

  2. My sis has done a couple of special things for me in past years that I just can’t top! When I turned 40, she asked all of my friends and many of our family members to send her a card for me–her goal was to collect 40 and send them all to me on my birthday. While more than 40 came in over time, she had only collected 26 by my birthday, but it was an amazing gift!

    Last year, every hour on the hour she texted me a birthday greeting in a different language. These started at 5 am my time (haha…yep!) and continued until 9 pm. By the third one, I figured out what was going on, and then the game became me trying to guess which language each one was written in. Most fun birthday present EVER!

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