Fun Lunchbox and Snack Food Ideas

Fun Lunchbox and Snack Food Ideas

Fun Lunchbox and Snack Food IdeasIt’s week two of school and although I haven’t heard the words “mom… can I have (insert something unhealthy) in my lunch?” I know it’s coming. I’m already burnt out just making the same thing every day so I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. I’ve created new ways to present some of the same foods that we constantly pack so it’s not so monotonous for my son or me.

Veggie Salad– Bust out your SlapChop or become friends with your wavy cutter because making a cucumber, celery and carrot salad is way more fun to eat these days.

Fruit Skewers– I’m not crazy about sending wooden skewer sticks to school but I do like the child-sized plastic chopsticks for fruit skewers! Just slide on some colorful fruit and you’re all set.

Mini Cracker and Cheese Plate– cut circles in some ham and cheese and send them along with a handful of crackers.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Roll-Ups– spread some PB&J on a whole-wheat tortilla and roll it up. Cut it in thirds or half.

Banana Dip– send your older child with a whole, unpeeled banana and a small container of chopped up nuts. Dipping in the banana is a fun snack (hint: add flax seed to the chopped nuts!)

Mystery Bread– make your own bread at home but add in some nutritious ingredients. Use applesauce, zucchini, nuts and banana to hide the flavors of the mystery ingredients.

Pita Sandwiches– turn any sandwich into a pita sandwich. Sometimes switching up the bread is all it takes.

Yogurt and Fruit Cup– small mason jars (or any wide mouth container) are perfect for layering yogurt and fruit.


What are some of your secret tips for packing snacks and lunches?

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