Gate Checking a Stroller Soon? American Airlines Has New Rules!

Attention all traveling parents!  Planning to travel soon and gate check a stroller?  You better double check the stroller rules because American Airlines has just changed theirs starting today.  The only strollers that can now be gate checked on American Airlines flights are collapsible strollers under 20 lbs. That’s right – any stroller over 20 lbs will have to be checked at the ticket counter!  Most of those massive travel system strollers are staying at the ticket counter along with the joggers and all double strollers!  Yeah, good luck finding a double stroller under 20 lbs!  Parents of multiples are going to have to bring separate single strollers or start babywearing through the airport.  Sounds convenient, doesn’t it?

We checked out the American Airlines website and there were already stroller guidelines in place.  Hmm…who knew?  While I always travel with a lighter-weight stroller, I guess I just figured if I could get it to the gate – they would check it.  Wrong!  Here are the current stroller guidelines for American Airlines:

There is a bit of good news though.  Checked strollers will not count as one of your baggage pieces (if a baby is traveling, of course) and no fees will be charged for the checked stroller.

Do you agree with the new rules or plan to fly more stroller-friendly airlines?