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  1. We’ve been having problems with the self adjusting harness/headrest combination not fitting our baby properly. She is short (20 inches at 1 month old) but round, so when the harness straps are adjusted to be comfortably snug, the headrest (and so the strap origination points) are too high. If we manually push the headrest to the right height and then tighten the straps, the headrest slowly attempts to self adjust to a higher position, tightening the straps around her and raising the chest buckle until its in the wrong position against her. We love the stroller, but may have to return the entire system because of the silly self-adjusting harness feature.

    1. I have been having this same issue with my son. The self-adjusting harness always attempts to self adjust. I can look away momentarily, check back and the chest clip will be digging inside my sons neck. It’s scary and upsetting. We adore this stroller but may have to return as well, as a result of this issue!! Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Hollie-

    Do you know how safe the infant car seat is? I haven’t found it on any of the reviews for “safest car seats.” I have heard some moms claim the infant car seat is uncomfortable.

    Also- does the toddler seat become a bassinet?

    Thank you for doing excellent reviews,


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