Gender Neutral Nursing Covers

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby and she asked me about what my favorite brand of nursing cover is. My advice is always to try on different covers, if possible, and see which one works for you. Once you know what brand you like, you can then choose one of their many different prints. I have rounded up a few of my favorites that are both gender neutral and very functional.  Most come with a structured neckline to provide ventilation and direct eye contact with the baby, as well as a pocket for breast pads, pacifiers etc. All are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.


Balboa Baby Khaki Berry $24.29

Created with the help of Dr Sears, the fabric area is large enough to provide complete coverage, there is a rigid neckline, a fully adjustable neck strap and a large pocket on the outside. This is the one I use everyday, and I love it!




Hooter Hiders Nest $27.94

In this light and pretty design, this cover also has an rigid neckline, adjustable neck strap and a frilly pocket on the outside.



Bebe Au Lait Ascot $23.44

Another cover with an adjustable neck strap, but this one has two terry cloth pockets sewn inside for any necessities, or even as a soft burp cloth. Smart thinking!




Mamascarf Black $26.75

The Mamascarf aims to provide some support for baby, so all the weight is not on mom’s arm. It ties around your neck, and then baby is lifted up underneath it. There is also a small pocket sewn inside.


Do you use a nursing cover? What is your favorite? And if you don’t, great! Please respect the mothers that do if you choose to comment.