Get a Helping Hand from the Podee Bottle System

If you’ve ever had your hands full when your baby wants a bottle, you’ll appreciate the Podee Bottle System.  Using two straws and a basic one-way valve, the Podee bottle allows your baby to drink from a bottle in a sitting position without having to hold the bottle up above their mouth.  Baby just sucks on the nipple, drawing the liquid through the straws and into his mouth.  Great for:

Multiples – Parents who have more than one hungry baby will be relieved to be able to get each child their bottle without needing an extra set of hands.

Special Needs – Older babies want to hold their own bottle, but sometimes their motor skills just aren’t up to the task.  Since they don’t have to hold a heavy bottle up with Podee, they can concentrate on eating rather than the frustration of dropping a bottle.  If they can hold their pacifier, they can hold the Podee nipple.

Gas – Doctors recommend upright feeding to reduce gassiness, colic and ear infections.  The Podee bottle allows your child to sit up when eating without needing to tilt her head back.

On-the-Go – If you are making the long trek to Grandma’s this holiday season, the Podee bottle allows your child to drink a bottle while being safely strapped into his car seat.

The convenience of the Podee system has a few drawbacks.  There are 9 pieces to a bottle, so that means a lot of cleaning after each use.  These are not spill-proof bottles; to allow for proper suction, there is a vent under the lid, meaning that if the bottle gets tipped over, it will eventually leak.  However, if it means one less scream session, it might all be worth it!   Plus, they do convert to a toddler straw bottle for older babies, and any standard-size nipple can be used if your child doesn’t like the slow flow that is included.  Podee offers multi-packs, conversion kits for standard bottles as well as replacement parts, like extra tubes and valves.

The Podee Bottle System is a great solution for babies who need a bottle but are not able to support one themselves.  If you are running out of extra hands, it may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

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