Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles

Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles

Let me start by saying we as parents appreciate every gift and thought for our children.  Yes, we are appreciative but there are some gifts that just shouldn’t be given.  We are looking at you aunts and uncles!

You think you’re funny, right?  Clever, perhaps?  Here’s the thing.  If you EVER plan on having children of your own, the favor will be repaid.  And if your sibling is anything like us, it will be an eye-opener.

Your sibling that has kids that you have tortured with your obnoxious gifts over the years knows so much more than you think.  You think you have thought of the most obnoxious, loudest, most annoying toys but you have no idea.  Your sibling is an expert at that by now.  He or she knows ALL THE TOYS that are the worst!  They don’t have to guess because by trial and error they have lived it.  And they are all coming back at you, buddy!

So, as a public service announcement on behalf of all parents out there, we have compiled a list of what you SHOULD NOT get your niece or nephew for the holidays. If it’s a toy that is so annoying that you giggle like a school girl to yourself when you see it and think “it’s perfect” – remember payback is a bitch!


1) Moon Dough or Moon Sand

This stuff is the worst. Messy. Horrible. Might be made by the devil, I don’t know.  If you are in the store and can’t remember if you aren’t supposed to buy the “dough” or the “sand” – just don’t buy anything that starts with “Moon”. 

 Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles

2) Toys with super loud music, no volume control and/or without an on/off switch.

 As if most kids are not loud enough.  Toys that add to the loud chaos are on the no-go list. 

For example, Playskool has added music to the classic Sit and Spin. Now it is reported that it has super annoying and loud music with NO volume control and no mute button. Booooo, Playskool.

 Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles


3) Any toy that repeats the same song over and over and over again.

While we are on music, you know when you get a song stuck in your head?  How would you like a Mickey Mouse voice stuck in your head ALL DAY LONG every day? No?  Okay, moving on.

The toddler ride-ons are notorious for obnoxious songs and sounds.  Unless the parent specifically asked for one of those ride-ons, don’t do it.

 Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles


4) Drum Set or any instrument OF ANY KIND

Let the parent decide if they have a budding musician on their hands. End of story.

 Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles

5) Toy microphones –

See #4.  Let the parent decide if their child is a singer!

 Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles

6) Sing a ma jigs (or anything like it!)

Little stuffed creatures that sound like The Chipmunks on crack.  Plus, they violate rule #3 about no toys that repeat the same song over and over and over again. These types of toys are what parent’s nightmares are made of. Don’t even think about it.

 Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles

7) Barbie Pools or anything like it –

A cheap and flimsy pool for Barbie that is supposed to be filled with a few gallons of REAL water sound like a good idea to you?  Yeah, us either!

 Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles

8. Anything that is not age appropriate.

For example,  a big jug of 11,000 itty bitty beads sound like tons of craft fun?  It might be for a 10 year old but not a 3 year old.  Choose the appropriate present for the age child. 

Gift Giving PSA to All Aunts and Uncles

So there you go! This is not a complete list of things you shouldn’t buy for our kids – it’s just to get you started.  We love you and all but your funny, obnoxious gifts may come back to haunt you.  Don’t think we aren’t saving every single one for your kids to love and adore. 


Parents Everywhere


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