Gift Idea: Pound Puppies Review (VIDEO)


Pound Puppies are back and ready to be adopted! These cute, cuddly stuffed animals, which were a must-have toy in the 1980s, are back in a big way. With four breeds to choose from (Beagle, Labrador, Bulldog or Poodle), these lovable puppies come in three sizes including 12-inch plush, 6-inch plush, and 3.5-inch plush keychain.

Each puppy comes complete with its own breed specific fun fact card and heart shaped dog tag. Our kids loved that you can simply write your puppy’s name on the tag and register the puppy online to get your very own printable adoption certificate!

The 12-inch Pound Puppy also comes with a cardboard doghouse that can be used for play.

So, who is ready to adopt a puppy today?! You can purchase Pound Puppies in store at Target and Toys R Us.

Our 9-year-old, puppy-obsessed Baby Gizmo Tester shows you the Pound Puppies up close and personal in today’s Baby Gizmo video!