Gift Wrapping Tip

Gift Wrapping Tip

Does this look familiar?

Yep. Every parents worst nightmare– Toy packaging.

I did some thinking ahead this year.
I know my 3-year-old is very, well, the I want it NOW type and it can get rather disruptive… especially during family events and activities.

So, instead of hearing the words open, open, open, OPEN!!now, now, now NOW!!, making an anxious 8-year-old constantly wait, and stressing about a 1-year-old eating twisty ties… this is what I’ve done.

I took off all the twisty ties, all the excess packaging, set everything up, put everything back in their respective boxes and wrapped them up.
That way, when he opens his gifts (since unwrapping paper is still a highlight), it’s instant gratification for him and less stress for the rest of us.

I also put aside all manuals (that normally get lost in the shuffle anyway).
The goal? I’m aiming to please the 3-year-old and, hopefully, lessen the chance of a migraine.

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Christina lives in San Diego with her husband, 3 boys and her favorite coffee cup. Christina is a trained Montessori teacher with early childhood education and also has experience in the children’s fashion world as a business owner. While in the children's industry, Christina realized how important it was to research, be ‘in the know’ and one step ahead of the game with the latest and greatest baby gear, toys, clothing and accessories which naturally continued once she became a mom in 2002. Since the birth of her first son, Christina has become a reliable and trustworthy resource to friends, family and other parents on various parenting topics.


  1. Heidi, yes! I did the same thing! Each kid got their own wrapping paper this year. Partially because my 8yo is starting to notice things like mommy’s handwriting is similar to Santa’s 😉 The other part? Super easy!

  2. I agree! This happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves. Everything is set and ready to go and all the recyclables are in the bin. The only gift I didn’t have to fuss with was a Plan toy house. The extra pieces are simply wrapped in a paper bag. I wish all toy manufacturers would follow their lead!

  3. Also every year since I have had more than one child, I let the kids pick a single style of wrapping paper each. When they come down Christmas morning they can easily tell what is theirs, no tags needed, ne reading needed.

  4. I so do this too! We learned our lesson a couple of years ago when opening gifts for one 9 month old took about 6 hours between opening, photographing, assembling, unpackaging, cleaning up, etc. We got MUCH smarter the following year. This year be got things for the kids which require hooking up to a computer (Leapfrog Tag system and little Leapfrog laptops) and I did that ahead of time as well as installing batteries and such. It adds to my wrapping time, but like you said, it totally saves a giant headache the next day!


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