Gifts for 5-10 Year Olds under $30

I’ll claim the broken record card when I say, “I can’t believe my daughter, nieces, and nephews are officially in the 5-10 age category!” I remember when they were all in diapers, barely sitting up, and keeping us mamas awake for all hours in the night. And now? They’re the coolest kids on the block and I get to shop for them for Christmas!

This age group is such a blast because they are reading, can follow directions, and often have die-hard hobbies. It’s so fun to introduce them to classics I enjoyed at their age and learn from them about all the new gadgets available.


Spirograph $12

Classic toys will always be winners and that is definitely the case with spirograph! Get ready for a Christmas Day full of crafting!


Shopkins Set $9

Has the Shopkins bug bit at your house? Both my son and daughter love setting up these little guys.


Headbandz Game $12

My sister introduced me to this game and it has quickly become a family favorite around here. Read our Baby Gizmo review of it here! Seriously, it’s one even moms and dads will enjoy. Let the laughter begin!


Minted Stationary $25+

Encourage the art of snail mail with personalized stationary. So many to choose from!

skip ball

Skip Ball $7

Did you have one of these when you were young? Such fun and a great way to get out the wiggles. If the weather is decent, scoot your kiddos outside to test it out … and if it’s not, crank up some Christmas music in the garage and let them skip their hearts out!

kiwi crate

Kiwi Crate  $20+

Skip toys and go for more of an activity with Kiwi Crate! This monthly subscription box will bring big smiles and lots of kitchen table creations.


Movie Gift Certificate $20+

Experiences that create memories rule when it comes to Christmas gifts. So, plan a date with your favorite kiddo and head to the movies!


Crystal Growing Kit $25

What a perfect gift for budding scientists to try out solo or with a grown-up. Nothing like learning over Christmas break!

balloon art

Balloon Animal Art Making Kit $9

Spice up your holiday gathering by gifting a balloon animal art making kit! What fun to set your kids free with a new hobby that brings fun and laughter to everyone who gathers.


Solar Robot $24

If LEGOs are a winner with your kids, then give this solar robot a try. It can be transformed into 14 different modes and doesn’t require batteries — sounds like fun to me!