Gifts for Cloth Diaper-ers!

If you know someone who is a cloth diaper fan (ahem, I am one if you’re feeling extra generous this year) there’s nothing that we love more than even more cloth. Or things about cloth. Yes, some women like shoes and handbags, well, we love cloth. Quite a lot, considering it is an item that is repeatedly pooped in. So here are some gifts you may want to consider for cloth diapering parents.

Itti Bitti Winter Bundle – $75.50


Photo from Padded Tush Stats

Itti bitti is an Australian company who make soft and absorbent diapers for little ones. Their winter bundle pack contains a minky wet bag (soft on the outside, waterproof on the inside), a minky changing pad, and two itti bitti tutto diapers. The itti bitti tuttos are one size diapers with three detachable inserts so you can customize the absorbancy which I love because I get to add more at night and less during the day. They fit children from 8lbs to 44lbs.

Buy the itti bitti Winter Bundle HERE


Weehugger Hobo Wet Bag – $28.95

The clever people of Weehugger created a small wet bag that looks like a funky over the shoulder bag! The main middle section is the waterproof and lined wet bag area which can hold approximately five dirty diapers plus several cloth wipes, and a smaller dry pocket on the side that can hold two or  three clean cloth diapers. I can put one or two clean cloth diapers, a small changing mat, wipes, keys and my purse in the dry side pocket, and off I go! You can pop it over your shoulder and no-one would even guess it’s carrying a dirty diaper! Throw it in the wash with your diapers and it comes out as clean as new. It comes in different patterns and would make a wonderful and functional gift for a cloth diapering mother.

Buy the Weehugger Hobo Wet Bag HERE


I Love My Cloth Diapers Long-Sleeved Onesie – $16.00

Cloth diapering mamas usually love talking about their cloth (seriously, sometimes I look at us and think- did we just have a 15 minutes conversation about diaper covers?) so what better way to spread the word than by these long-sleeved onesies that announce to the world what is on your baby’s butt. They come in pink, white, blue and green, and in a short sleeved onesie or a t-shirt and even a bib too!  They are sure to be a hit with the parents.

Buy I Love My Cloth Diaper onesie HERE


Kissaluvs Premium Organic Wipes – $24.00 for a pack of 12 wipes

Cloth wipes are great, but who doesn’t love cloth wipes with cute prints on them? Soft, sturdy and absorbent, these cloth wipes will last a long time and give baby’s bottom the extra care it needs.

Buy Kissaluvs Premium Organic Cloth Wipes HERE

Happy shopping!