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Gifts for New Siblings

There comes a time in most kiddo’s lives where they earn the grand title of “big brother” or “big sister.” Sometimes they are babies themselves, sometimes they’re toddlers or preschoolers or even teenagers. No matter when the promotion arrives, it’s life changing for these new siblings.

These kids tend to need a little extra loving during such a big transition and Christmas is a fun time to give them a high five and a special gift to honor their new role in the family. Below are a few ideas for new siblings, probably geared towards that toddler to preschooler age range, because that’s what I know best 🙂

My daughter was 22 months when her brother was born and we (more like I) needed toys and activities that encouraged independent, quiet play. And if they’re educational too – wow, the trifecta of toys!

gift ideas for new siblings


And here’s a few thoughts on each item …

  • PUZZLES /// I love all eeBoo products, but especially the puzzles. They’re sturdy, pretty and great for little hands learning to manipulate, sort, and create.
  • BOOKS /// Not 100% quiet, but 100% entertaining for sure. Poke-a-Dot books are perfect for the car when we’re stuck in traffic.
  • GAMES /// Hape is probably my top wooden toy company. I love the concentration this Go-Fish-Go Bead Maze will encourage.
  • BABY DOLLS /// Build that sibling bond with a sweet doll duo.
  • ARTS & CRAFTS /// There is nothing better than Color Wonder. These markers only draw on special Color Wonder paper so you don’t have to worry about marker getting on the table while your little one nurses and your big one strikes out on their own for some solo artist time.
  • IMAGINARY PLAY /// This mini farm gets lots of love around our house and if you take out the batteries, the only sound you’ll hear is your kiddo “moo-ing” 🙂
  • LEARNING ACTIVITIES /// For those 4+ big siblings, Quercetti has a bounty of quiet, engaging options like the Fanta Color pegboard.
  • BATH TUB FUN /// When my son was just weeks old, my daughter, son and I spent hours in the bathroom. Jemma would play, I would nurse or snuggle Max and we’d just be calm. Bath time does that to us. So, fun toys were a must – these Boon Water Bugs totally fit the bill!

What gifts would you recommend for new siblings?

Gifts for Grandparents
Gifts for Grandparents
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