Gifts Teachers Will Give an A+ For

Wanna help secure your child as teacher’s pet?  Based on some online research, what most teachers really want most from Santa Claus are gift cards, especially those that contribute directly to their classroom such as an office-supply store, a bookstore, or iTunes.  You also can’t go wrong giving them a gift card to, Dunkin Donuts , Starbucks or Target.

gift-cards Gifts Teachers Will Give an A+ For

Want to give something that shows you put some more thought into it:

As teachers reach deeper (and deeper) into their own wallets to keep their classrooms stocked, there’s nothing that says “Happy holidays” like a bundle of Sharpies.

gift-cards Gifts Teachers Will Give an A+ For

Let your teacher flaunt her perfect penmanship with these Teacher Personalized Notecards  ($15 at Sweet Bella Cards).  She’s going to have a long list of thank you cards to send out after the holidays.  And school-ruled paper graphics are on-trend right now.

gift-cards Gifts Teachers Will Give an A+ For


Teachers also appreciate anything homemade.

How does your family plan to “brown nose” your favorite teachers this holiday season?  After all, they have one of the most important jobs our children and tomorrow’s future leaders.


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Lol I am a teacher and would be thrilled with a bundle of sharpies! The kids usually get me a can or two of coke for the holidays because they see me drink it in class. The parents may think it’s weird but I love it. It shows that they put some thought into it.