Give the Gift of Electronics to a Kid with LittleBits #GiftSmart

Give the Gift of Electronics to a Kid with LittleBits #GiftSmart

This is a sponsored post by Radio Shack, but as always, personal experiences, time spent with my wonderful kids, opinions and statements are all my own. 

I’m always looking to find holiday gifts for my kids that are a little different than the newest fad toy and that keep their mind working. When I was growing up, my holiday shopping trips with my dad always included a stop at Radio Shack to see all the fun and new electronics. I swear, he could spend hours in there and I didn’t mind because there were so many cool things to see that weren’t at the normal toy store. This was my dad’s toy store and now it’s my turn to introduce my own kids to it.

As a child, I remember standing at the counter of Radio Shack and thinking that the employees knew everything. On days that my dad was in a hurry, he would walk directly to the counter and say something like, “My son is 9 years old, loves electronics but gets frustrated easily if it’s too difficult. Go.” It was as if he couldn’t stump the Radio Shack guy. He always had an answer! Always had an idea. Other days, he would stand at the shelves playing with all the gadgets, and when the Radio Shack guy came up and asked if he needed help, he would usually reply, “I’m okay. Just trying to find something for my sons.” Sure! Even at a young age, I knew he just liked playing with the gadgets as much as my brothers and I did.

Not to my surprise, Radio Shack is still the same great place that it was 30…ummm…I mean 20 years ago when I was a kid. 🙂 Great selection with different gift ideas, great prices (they even have a Price Match Guarantee with places like Amazon!) and a Ship 4 Free program. If a store location is out of stock and they have it elsewhere in their inventory, Radio Shack will ship for free directly to you! Who doesn’t love that?!?

This year, Radio Shack sent me one of their hottest new gifts for us to check out – the littleBits Synth Kit.

It was as if they were reading my diary because littleBits are fun, keep the kids challenged and using their brains, and gives them a reason to put the iPads down!  Plus, since the product is better for older kids (my 9 year old is perfect for them!), it is something that the kids can do with us. Full Disclosure: My husband was the first to play with it! Yep, my kids are getting close to the age that their “gifts” are good for dad too! 🙂


The littleBits Synth Kit is a HUGE hit with my 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son. They were even so excited about littleBits that they showed my 90 year old grandmother over the Thanksgiving holiday how it all worked!


This is a great way to introduce your child to electronics! This analog synthesizer kit will enable you to build your own sound machines with little to no engineering or musical knowledge. I have neither (I can’t even read notes – did I just say that out loud!?!) so this is perfect for us!

LittleBits includes a 35+ page, easy-to-read booklet, with step-by-step instructions for 10 great projects like the Keytar and Synth Spin Table. My daughter had a great time making a keytar with dad.



We knew that littleBits needed a Baby Gizmo video to really show you how cool this set is.

Take a peek as my daughter shows you littleBits and the keytar that her and my husband made together. Any father/daughter project is a WIN in my book!

You’ll definitely need to find out where the nearest Radio Shack is to you so that you can #GiftSmart this holiday!


  1. Hey? 30 years ago… gah! Me Too! When did THAT happen. Also can we talk about the Weird Al commercials? I keep seeing them at previews at movie theaters?!! Hilarious.

    Love the whole idea of the Littlebits brand of toys… didn’t realize there are several different sets!!

  2. This looks so fun! And I agree, I like to find new and exciting toys that will get the kids minds whirling rather than just the latest fad.. This encourages fun creative play!


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