GIVEAWAY: $500 Amazon Gift Card

amazon giveaway

amazon giveaway

Baby Gizmo is happy to announce that we have partnered with Kinsights to bring you an opportunity to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card. Who couldn’t use an extra $500, right?!?

Kinsights is a social network made just for parents – and it’s designed to help you get and share great advice with parents who have actually been in your shoes.

Ask anything.  Kinsights will find the right community members who can provide guidance.  Questions about potty training?  They’ll reach into their community and find potty training pros to help you out.  Struggling with a food allergy?  They’ll connect you with other parents who are dealing with the same concerns.  And they make finding the best answers easy – community members vote up answers, so great content rises to the top of the list.

And they also provide an interface to create a health record for your child.  No need to lug around files and loose papers. You can organize your child’s milestones, medications, allergies, immunizations, and emergency contact information – all in one easy form.  The days of scrambling to remember when and if your child had his or her immunizations are coming to an end!

And, best of all, everything is free!

So, that’s it. Now that you know about Kinsights, let’s get to the giveaway!!!


Enter to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card sponsored by Baby Gizmo and Kinsights.

Please enter by signing up for Kinsights and be sure to get the maximum number of entries by liking and following all of our partners, using the form below:



  1. Amazing giveaway! Perfect timing, and would definitely help out a ton while I’m shopping for baby items before I’m due with #14!

  2. Having this would mean so much to our family to buy the baby gear and items we need!! Amazing giveaway, to anyone who receives it!!

  3. this would be so amazing just completed my baby register and this would make a huge dent in getting all babies essentials! GREAT giveaway!

  4. This site looks super helpful. I am so happy you shared it! Thanks for sharing this awesome parenting tool! I have been playing around with it since I joined yesterday!


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