GIVEAWAY: Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray Prize Pack + $200 Visa Gift Card

GIVEAWAY: Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray Prize Pack + $200 Visa Gift Card

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Congrats to our winner – Shalene S.

Happy Monday! It’s giveaway time!

We are throwing the Giant Weekly Giveaway this week sponsored by Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray!

Dr. Smith’s is changing the game when it comes to diaper rash treatment with their easy, touch-free application diaper rash spray. It soothes, treats and prevents diaper rash and delivers the same proven relief parents have trusted from Dr. Smith’s for years.

This fast-acting premium blend of ingredients including 10% zinc oxide stays where it’s sprayed, without running or caking. Plus, you don’t have to worry about where to wipe the traditional diaper rash cream off your finger. 🙂

We love that it won’t stain fabrics, has a pleasant scent and helps clear up diaper rash FAST!!

Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray is currently available on and, additional in-store availability is coming soon. Visit for a store locator.

Watch our quick Baby Gizmo video on Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray below.

One winner will receive a Dr. Smith’s  prize basket that includes a large supply of Dr. Smith’s, as well as other goodies for mom and baby. PLUS, the winner will receive a $200 gift card to help shop for baby. Or mom. Or the holidays. 🙂



What’s up for grabs:

One (1) Dr. Smith’s Prize Basket AND a $200 Gift Card.

HOW TO ENTER: Rafflecopter is back for this one but you don’t have to “like” anyone’s Facebook pages. We are making this one easy-peasy to enter.

Just make sure that if you mark that you did the entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

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  1. Things that make my life easier… A cleaning lady, and a full nights sleep! One two year old and one on the way and a demanding job makes very little room for error!

  2. As a mom of three from 2 year old to a 15 year old, this Dr. Smiths spray has made my life easier. I would never expect to as my 15 year old son to rub diaper cream over his little sisters bottom, but with spray there is no fus on all 3 ends of it. Thank you for such a great helper in my house.

  3. So many wonderful things make my life easier. I truly am blessed. I have a car to drive myself & my family where we need to go. I have a cell phone that I can use for so many things. I have a house to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat. This Holiday season I am trying to focus on one big thing that really helps me-my husband who works hard so I can stay home & raise our boys. That helps make my life easier so I can make my own schedule for me & my little one while I am pregnant with another boy.

  4. The things that make my life easier…the Similac Strong Mom app-keeps track of feedings, pumping, pooping, etc. And my smartphone!

  5. My smart phone makes life easier. The GPS helps me get around, and I can look up things on the internet away from my computer.

  6. My grocery store offers online ordering that you can pick up for only a $5 fee. It saves me money in the long run because I avoid the impulse buys. Not to mention the convenience.

  7. One thing that makes my life easier is organization. Everything has a place and gets returned to it each time it’s used. I never have to go searching for something when I need it.

  8. What makes my life easier is making sure I get enough sleep. When I’m tired I’m practically useless, so I go to bed at a decent time at night to make sure I’m well rested for the next day! 🙂

  9. Lula Clips make my life easier!!!!! I don’t know one parent that enjoys fumbling and fighting with car seat straps when trying to put their child in their seat! Used them when my son was an infant and still use them now in his convertable car seat! Just bought a new set for our soon to be second!

  10. My baby carrier is a big help when I have a busy day (everyday). I always have something to do and the carrier makes it easier to do things while caring for my baby’s needs too.

  11. One thing that makes my life easier is working for the family business. It allows me to work without child care because my son goes with me.

  12. My smartphone makes my life a whole lot easier. I stay organized, can look up stuff, get directions, call people and etc. I can’t imagine life without it.

  13. My husband works in logistics, planning and preparing for anything and everything we can in advance helps to make life easier. Whether its cooking for the week on Sunday afternoon, or packing his lunch the night before, a good plan and routine helps with the stress of life. Hopefully when our little bundle comes along (in just a few weeks!) we will be able to find a new routine.

  14. I’m really grateful to have my boyfriend because he has helped me with a lot of random house, car and financial things over the years which have been difficult or a challenge — and I really appreciate it.

  15. The big kids rooms on a different floor than the master and the little kids room. He can sleep without being woken up by their loudness.

  16. I know this may sound cliche, but I have to say that the Internet makes my life easier. It’s such a useful tool, seriously!

  17. One thing that makes my life easier is the love and support from my family. I always have my husband, mom and sisters to help me out and answer questions. It really does take a village to raise children.

  18. My three boys make my life easy by not making a mess in the house. They have learned to pick their things up. And they help me too.

  19. My husband usually feeds the bigger kids breakfast while I get ready for the day. It makes such a difference to have that help, and to be ready to face the day once I walk in the kitchen!

  20. I get up 10 minutes earlier than I did last year to get my day started. It’s amazing what a difference it makes for the morning rush!

  21. One thing that helps me is my hardworking smartphone, I can do so much connect socially, save money, order products online, schedule appts, listen to music and so much more. Love technology!

  22. My husband really makes my life easier. He is truly there for me whenever needed. Especially during this pregnancy, I have had the worse morning sickness. Since my family is not near by, hes really the only one I have and I lucked out.

  23. for me its prepping the night before if we need to go anywhere in the morning. and babywearing. we dont get through the day with 2 under 3 without wearing someone or everyone!

  24. My blender! I never make/have enough time for breakfast- so throwing some fruits and veggies in with a little protein powder starts my day. When I have some fuel in the morning my whole day seems to go better- and I’m saving money- because otherwise I’ll stop and buy coffee (well mostly sugar but some coffee lol) everyday.

  25. trading play dates/babysitting with a friend. We alternate weeks to get stuff done around the house without a 2-year-old “helping”

  26. Believe it or not, my husband! I recently had spinal surgery and there are some complications after the fact and he is the biggest help to me! Guess you never know what you got until you really need it!

  27. Becoming a mom in your early 20s and still in college can be very overwhelming and difficult to manage time and money. But my partner makes it that much easier! As a first time dad also and my same age, I love that he is caring and very on top of budgeting our money and setting the right path for us. So that when the baby arrives in 4 months, the ride will be a little smoother. 🙂

  28. The internet makes my life easier. I use sites that offer free printable coloring pages, math worksheets, flash cards, and pages on historical figures that I use to teach my grandchildren. When they are bored, I use the internet to download educational games or crafts that we can work on together. The internet is a great source for science projects or to learn about rocks, plants, or even dinosaurs. This is a great teaching tool and I always have the information at my fingertips.

  29. I am just gathering up my stash to start using cloth diapers as soon as I run out of the size 1 disposables that I have. (Maybe a few more days)

  30. The love, care, and support I get from my friends and boyfriend help make it easier for me to live with a painful chronic physical illness. I am grateful for this every day!

  31. The internet and smart phones make life easier. I seriously dont remember how I got along without it. Paying bills, getting recipes, connecting with friends around the world all at my fingertips!

  32. Setting my coffee pot the night before so that a fresh brewed pot is waiting for me in the morning! And getting up a few minutes before the kiddos to enjoy one, quiet cup. 🙂

  33. Making food ahead of time and keeping it in the freezer is one way I keep things easy! (Plus, how awesome would it be to win this and not have to find that extra wipe for the rash cream on my finger?!)

  34. The baby brezza bottle maker! That thing can spit out formula faster than I could make it myself in the middle of the night with a hungry baby

  35. My life is made easier by meal planning and being organized! Also, not having family close by, good friends and my church family male life easier a lot of days!

  36. Our puppy. No matter how stressed I am or upset, he will just cuddle uo or bring a toy over and it just always makes me smile. Eveeyeing is so simple and laid back to him it makes realize stuff just isn’t worth stressing over.

  37. Amazon and kohls make my life easier – I will be doing most of my shopping online for Christmas. I hate taking the kids shopping with me.

  38. When really thinking about what makes my life easier it would have to be a supportive partner; my husband really is my partner in crime when it comes to the house, raising our son or just getting a Costco run done!

  39. When really thinking about what makes my life easier it would have to be a supportive partner! My husband really is my partner in crime when it comes to the house, raising our son or just getting a Costco run done!

  40. Pinterest. What kind of mom or wife would I be without Pinterest lol I’m not creative but I can come up with fun stuff to do thanks to Pinterest!!

  41. One thing that makes my life easier is Amazon prime :). The other thing is having a flexible work schedule so I’m available for my kids more easily.

  42. What makes my life easier, shopping online at Amazon and also shopping at our local grocery store that will babysit kids while you shop.

  43. My daughter has sensitive skin so every so often she gets a bad rash. I love the idea of a spray on diaper rash cream. Why did no one think of this sooner?!? Here’s to hoping for this awesome prize haha

  44. One thing that makes my life easier is living by my family that can help out when needed with the kids! They are alway willing to babysit and just a phone call away!! 🙂 <3

  45. Having a friend that will watch our child in a heartbeat and let us go out on a date now and then. We didn’t get to for the first year, so getting to do this now is so nice. Sometimes you just need a night out once in a while. 🙂

  46. What makes my life easier? my smart phone. I take all my pics on it, use it for so many things now (sometimes too much) but overall it has changed my life.

  47. My life got easier when it clicked with my husband that he is as capable as I am of cutting up some fruit and cheese for my two-year-old’s school lunch once a week. So simple and saves us so much bickering and stress on Tuesday mornings!

  48. The internet makes my life soooo much easier! Shopping online, contacting people online, finding directions and so much more! Its great to be able to do these things quickly through the internet.

  49. One thing that makes my life easier is definitely anything that can help me be a better, more efficient mom to my 2 year old boy…products that have the needs of a mom in mind…like dr. Smith’s diaper spray ..things like that….
    I especially love the bottle liners from playtex, they made my life while my son was a baby with colic much easier…:)

  50. Loved this video. I am always wondering where to wipe my diaper cream finger… inside the the clean diaper normally wins.

  51. One thing that makes this mama’s life easier every day is one word… coffee! Lol) Also I would say my to do list… if I don’t write it down & keep track I would be even a bigger stress case) Thank goodness foe java & lists!

  52. My 13 year old son makes my life easier, most of the time! He is a huge help with his 3 year old sister while I take care of my 5 month old!

  53. Spray diaper cream sounds amazingly clean! I use the white kind -works the best, but it gets all over and under my nails! YUCK!

  54. I’m on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy, so definately family has been doing my life so much easier! They are so loving and supporting!

  55. A dishwasher makes my life easier. I have 8 kids and sometimes have 2 complete loads of dishes a day. I have more time to spend with my kids instead of washing by hand which would take forever.

  56. The one thing that seems to make my life a whole lot easier, is getting the kids on a routine for virtually everything. At this time last year, we were far from having a routine for anything- and it was chaotic and literally made my stress levels so high that I would get sick. After doing some talking to a friend who is very much organized (and she has 5 kids!), I decided I’d set a few routines in place and get our family on a schedule. We now get up at the same time each morning, plan our meals a week ahead of time, take turns getting groceries, we have chore charts, and we clean up the house before bath time each and every night (this is my favorite, as I LOVE the feeling waking up in the morning to a clean house! There’s nothing like it 🙂 and then the kids are all in bed at the same time each night. It took a good week or so to get everyone on the same page and routine, but now that we’re all there…not only does life seem a lot easier now for me, but my kids seems more relaxed and happy every day too!

  57. Technology makes my life so much easier. We live an hour from civilization, and having a car and the option of shopping online saves my sanity.

  58. Amazon helps tremendously. My husband and I use Amazon for all of our Christmas shopping. With our third boy Due December 3rd, Amazon shopping this year is a MUST!

  59. Having a great husband is a big help. Another thing would have to be a rock n play, my baby has loved hers from day one at home.

  60. Pre-cut fruit and veggies at the grocery store make my life much easier! Yes, they’re more expensive, but I eat healthier with them.

  61. The one and only thing that makes my life easier is my faith, without it there is no point or any hope.. Prayer and faith give me reason to try harder every day and know that with patience and love anything is possible.

  62. One thing that makes my life easier is the library! Got a question? Go to the library! Need a good book to read? Go to the library! Somewhere to take the kiddos and get out of the house but it’s not good weather for the park? Go to the library!

  63. definitely my beco baby carrier makes my life much easier. I live on the 4th floor and there is no elevator. When my husband is working i don’t use stroller and take my baby in my carrier. I love it.

  64. Something silly that has made my life easier at dinner time, is precooking ground beef. I buy 5 or 6 pounds of ground beef and brown it. After it cools, I freeze it in ziploc bags. On a busy night I can make tacos in 10 minutes or throw some in the crock pot quickly in the morning for chili or spaghetti sauce.

  65. What makes my life easier is the day in time in which I live! Having all of these modern comforts, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, ipad, iPhone, Internet, the opportunity to shop online from the comfort of my home. I love when people ask what era would you live in if you could choose, and hands down, no question it would be this one!

  66. Skype! My daughter and my 3 grandkids (one just born on Halloween) live on the other side of the country. Being able to see them and talk to them on Skype makes my life easier, and not so sad, since I can’t be with them physically!

  67. I have to say, ever since having our baby my mother-in-law makes my life so much easier! I’m so grateful to have family that’s so caring and involved!

  68. As crazy as it may sound, having multiple kids makes my life easier. My two older kids play with each other so well that they entertain themselves for long periods of time. I think it will help a great deal once baby #3 gets here in 3 short weeks b/c it will allow me time to take care of him while they keep themselves happy playing with each other.

  69. Wireless internet makes my life easier! I can shop, pay bills, search for something, etc from anywhere, even when on the go!

  70. As a first time mom due in December, just having friends come over and help put baby stuff away has made my (short!) baby free life easier

  71. One thing that makes my life easier is my mother, she and my dad have recently moved into my home from another state. My mother has decided to take time off work while here to spend quality time with myself and my girls. She helps so much from doing dishes to calming a toddler melt down. She is a saint.

  72. My husband who is a fabulous co-parent and always willing to help out with child care, housework, cooking, you name it–even though I’m a stay-at-home mom and he works full-time.

  73. One thing that makes my life easier is looking into my children’s eyes and knowing that they are happy because I make them happy

  74. One thing that makes my life easier is the help of any family members with my newborn baby. Either from my husband,my mom, or mom-in law, an extra hand is simply rewarding.

  75. The spray function would be really convenient because I have wondered to myself where to wipe the diaper rash cream off from my finger.

  76. As a first time mom-to-be due in Feb. I have found mommy blogs and the internet really makes my life easier. If I am curious about a baby product or have a pregnancy question I will go to my trusted sites and get the feedback I need. The internet and blogs have certainly made this pregnancy a lot easier!!

  77. One thing that makes life easier is my husband. He helps whenever he is home with everything and he makes it so I get a little me time when I really need it.

  78. My life is made way easier by the ability to shop online and have things delivered to my home. That is why I love the prize; Amazon!!

  79. My husband. I had a brain enuryism and my husband took care of everything when I was in the icu and rehab. Then helped when I got home

  80. One thing that makes my life easier is having family and friends who love my boys! I would jot be able to manage 3 4 and under without them!

  81. I took the leap and bought a robot vacuum. I was so sick of cleaning under the kitchen table 3 times a day! So I didn’t… (Shame face). One of the daily deal websites offered the robot vacuum so I got it and it really is quite awesome.

  82. My mom makes my life easier as a working mom of two boys! She’s always ready to baby sit and sends over meals almost every week!!

  83. What makes my life easier is having friends that live around me and are willing to take me places when I need to go because I don’t have a license due to medical reasons.

  84. Having a washing machine makes life so much easier. Also a car, where I live there is little or no public transportation and the streets are extremely dangerous so having a car is a complete must have.

  85. Having the memory of the words of wisdom my parents passed on to me. My kids made it easy for me to parent. Now I’m a grandmother and I hope to be a big help to my daughter (who just had a baby on Saturday night)

  86. One thing that makes my life easier is having a job with a lot of downtime where I am allowed to get my personal stuff done. I can go online, read and even grocery shop a bit during work hours which helps so much!

  87. My husband as soon as he gets home and gets cleaned up. He say go do what you need to do, he has the kids. I love him so much.

  88. one thing that makes my life easier …the supportive people in my life. i have several people around me who help me take care of my child, coworkers who are understanding …i just have an amazing teamof people surrounding me.

  89. My cell phone! It has educational apps for my daughter when she needs a distraction, a calendar to keep track of my appointments, a camera to capture those perfect moments, and the internet which allows me to enter this contest!

  90. My husband working so I can be a sahm. Doing chores when the kids are asleep so I can spend more time with them while they are awake.

  91. What makes my life easier is my hunny who helps me with our daughter and with the second pregnancy. I don’t know what I would do without him.

  92. My husband definitely makes my life easier. But since he’s not up for grabs, I’ll also add that my Baby Jogger stroller is wonderful. ;). I have two toddlers and I can choose whether to have both in the stroller or to remove one seat so I can have a single. Expensive, yes, but very helpful.

  93. Google & Iphone Maps – don’t think I could live without them. Ask me this question again after the birth of my first child & I’m sure I’ll have a different answer.

  94. My amazon prime account is what makes my life easier which is why that $200 gift card would be AMAZING! 🙂 Of course, there is also my husband and my mom. Could not get through this pregnancy without them.

  95. Daycare! I have a fussy three week old son & a two year old daughter. Since I am busy caring for our baby I do not have as much time for my daughter. Luckily she has a daycare provider that she loves

  96. Having a loving, helpful husband makes my life easier by a lot. It’s getting harder and harder to pick up my son with my rapidly growing baby bump, and I’m not sure how I’d manage it if not for his help.

  97. A really good baby carrier. My last kiddo would only sleep on me for the first two months. I thought I was doomed to live out my life on the couch until I got a good carrier.

  98. The dishwasher makes my life so much easier. I don’t like doing dishes and I am so happy I don’t have to stand and do then all by hand

  99. Preparing lunch/dinner the night before or during the day makes my life easier- that way i get to spend time with my 2 yr old after daycare, instead of cooking 🙂

  100. Having my husband home for over a week (even though he is working part of the time from home) after our newest baby was born is making my life easier !

  101. Online shopping has been a life saver! With a 12.5 month old baby girl, it’s great to take a few minutes after she goes to bed to get online and get what we need plus find some great new treasures for her!

  102. One thing that I’ve found to make life easier, surprisingly, is using cloth wipes. I only need 1-2 to *get the job done* and then they go in they laundry, which I’m already doing a load a day. I don’t have to make frantic runs to the store and I can use them for other clean up, too.

  103. One thing that makes my life easier? My SUV!! It makes hauling my 2 older kids and our baby to baseball games, band concerts, school functions, sports events, ect. sooooo much easier!! My last car was a car and it just wasn’t doing the job.

  104. There are a lot of things that make my life easier, but I have to say the one I am thankful for the most is having Molly Maids (house cleaning service). They come out every other week and do the deep clean on everything so I know that even when my house is cluttered and toys are everywhere, it’s clean. It also does wonders for my OCD!

  105. Having a supportive husband who has been by my side, and has taken over the household chores and cares for our 2 kids while I’m on doctor advised bed rest has made my life and this pregnancy easier.

  106. Taking public transportation to work everyday makes my life easier – I get time to myself to enjoy reading in the morning and decompress in the evening so I’m a happier wife and mother!

  107. Having a loving family makes my life easier. Thanksgiving is very near and when we get together, everyone will pitch in with the planning, shopping, cooking and clean-up. We’ll reminisce, share upcoming plans, laugh and be very thankful for each other. 🙂

  108. One thing that makes my life easier is my slow cooker. I use it year round, however, it gets a lot of use during the fall and winter months. I would be so lost without it! 🙂

  109. chocolate cupcales with creme filling make my life happier 🙂 i sneak away into the kitchen and loose myself completely in the five minutes it takes to indulge myself in a much need chocolate fix!

  110. AmazonMom makes life a whole lot easier for moms with children! Love that the necessities can come right to the home like clockwork and not have the midnight runs for milk, nappies, wipes etc!

  111. My hard working husband makes life easier so i can stay home with our son and with me being pregnant helps a lot around the house. My 3 year old son bringing me yogurt covered raisons to make me feel better when I’m sick….may not help but sure darn cute!

  112. I try to have Saturdays as a “no cleaning” day so that I know i don’t have to worry about cleaning for one day a week and can do it on Sunday. this makes my life easier because it’s one less worry and allows me to be more present with my son.

  113. My iPhone has been my lifesaver. Waiting in line? Here! Have this and be quiet! I can order from amazon from wherever, check a store to see if an item is in stock so I don’t have to drive across town, send emails to/from teachers…. Everything.

  114. I have two teenage daughters and they make my life so much easier by helping around the house. They do dishes, laundry, vacuum, sweep, mop, dust. It makes things so much easier for me to take care of their two younger brothers. They like to make big messes…lol

  115. My woven wrap makes my life easier. When my baby is too fussy to fall asleep I can wrap her on my chest and she’s asleep in a few minutes. I can carry on with whatever I need to do as I wear her.

  116. As a stay at home mom, I made a choice to home school my child. This makes things easier for my husband and I as he works long hours. We are able to schedule our vacations and appointments around her schooling.

  117. Making lists as I think of things makes my life easier. I have a small notebook. Right now, I have a list for this week’s groceries, a list for Thanksgiving, a list for Christmas, and a list for upcoming birthdays, two baby showers, and a graduation.

  118. one thing that makes my life easier is a supporting loving husband! It makes everything so much easier for all of us that we’re on the same page & were a team!

  119. One thing that makes my life easier is when my husband helps out with dishes or bath time after he gets home from work. I know he’s exhausted, but it’s such a big help!

  120. Having the internet to do research on makes my life so much easier! I can look up recipes and compare prices when going shopping!

  121. One thing that makes my life easier is my crock pot! Throw ingredients in in the morning, and have a delicious meal waiting come evening!

  122. My husband definitely helps make my life easier –he takes care of the kids when I get home from work so I can get some extra things done and dinner on the table! 🙂

  123. It makes my life easier when my husband is home so he can watch the baby while I run out to do errands!! 🙂
    Thanks for the contest!! 🙂

  124. I would love to try this new diaper cream spray. It would do great when they have a red bottom and don’t want you to touch them.

  125. My husband makes my life so much easier – I know I can always ask him for help with anything and he’s ready and willing to pitch right in!

  126. Something that makes my life easier right now is fire trucks! If I can get my toddler engaged in his favorite thing of the moment, then it makes it easier to do chores around the house.

  127. My husband certainly makes my life easier, I am a full time college student and a mummy to an active two year old, so my schedule is pretty busy, but my husband always takes care of my son so that I can complete my assignments 🙂 x

  128. my wife…she does so much for me to make sure I have plenty of time to finish school work and to just relax some after working and then school

  129. My husband! He’s always there when I need him and when I’m tired or already passed out from exhaustion he finishes whatever he knows I’ll want to finish when I wake up. He also does a lot of cooking which helps so much since I hate to cook.

  130. Having a fenced in yard! We moved recently and the dog loves getting to run around, I don’t have to worry too much if the toddler escapes, and I don’t have to go out and monitor the dog as the weather gets chilly!

  131. Having great friends to help out while my husband is deployed makes my life easier! I don’t know how I would handle a newborn and a toddler without them here to support me.

  132. Amazon makes my life so much easier around the holidays, I love being able to shop from my home and not having to luggage kids from store to store. Being able to shop for everyone all at one sitting is awesome!

  133. One thing that makes my life easier is having spaced my kids out. I have 3 older girls and 3 younger. The older ones can babysit and help out around the house. It’s wonderful!

  134. Life is easier when you have a husband who actually contributes to taking care of the house, our daughter, and me while I’m pregnant!

  135. Would love to win. Never tried it and need a good diaper rash treatment. Also, I could use the Amazon card for new car seats for my babies.

  136. Cloth diapers and wipes! It is so nice just washing and reusing our stash. No store runs for diapers. No “last wipe” freak out when the container is suddenly empty. And it is saving us a lot of money.

  137. My mother in law makes my life easier. She quit her job so she could take care of our baby 5 days a week. I know my son is in great hands and she adores him

  138. I like that I share commuting costs with my co workers and this makes my life so much easier because I do not have to pay for so much gas all by myself!

  139. I have four kids and having the youngest be so easy going and the oldest being helpful (usually) makes my life so much easier! That and a husband who cooks… Maybe I should have led with that! 😀

  140. internet shopping makes life SOOO much easier!! Everything I need I can order when I think of it and it gets delivered directly to my door. What could beat that?!

  141. My life is made easier by my amazing hardworking husband! Who also helps at home with our toddler while I’m sick with baby #2!

  142. Definitely my boyfriend. Whenever I’m sick or not feeling 100% he’s there to help me even if it means taking off from his job. Since he’s such a good boyfriend I know he’s going to be an awesome daddy to our first baby boy expected in March! 🙂

  143. One thing that makes my life easier is having amazing friends that I can vent to about the day to day annoyances and troubles. Sometimes a mama just had to vent and then problems don’t seem so big anymore!

  144. Great video! Love that the Dr. Smith’s diaper rash spray won’t leave my fingers messy! I will need to definitely get one to put into the car for those emergency diaper changes.

  145. Helpful children. I am 9mo prego and the girls help pick up misc items off the floor before going to the bus that way I dont have to bend & attempt to reach the floor quite as much 🙂

  146. I’ve never heard of a spray diaper rash treatment- how ingenious!! I always get the creams everywhere and have to use a nail brush when washing my hands after applying it cuz there’s nothing worse than having a snack hours later and tasting a hint of zinc on your fingers you thought were thoroughly washed!! Great giveaway

  147. One thing that makes my life easier is my binder! I keep all my papers in it for my work (client paperwork) and also for my fieldwork hours for grad school! It also holds my calendar so I can keep track of everything going on between kiddo’s doc appointments, work, school, fieldwork, etc.

  148. Staying at home. Not having the 2nd income can make things tight but being able to spend precious time with my baby and getting things done around the house, makes it easier on everyone! 🙂

  149. One thing that makes life easier for me is that I get to commute and shares costs with other coworkers instead of driving to work on on own and paying for all the gas!

  150. One thing that makes my life easier is the Internet! I love that I can shop online and not have to leave my house and fight the crowds, especially during the holiday season.


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