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If you have been following Baby Gizmo for a while, you know how often I do video or am featured in photographs demonstrating baby gear at events. You would also know that almost every photo that you see me in, I have a great, big smile. My huge toothy grin is something that makes me…well, me. The toothy grin and the white sunglasses, I guess! 🙂

Honestly, I’m one of those people who look weird with a closed mouth smile. It just doesn’t look natural. During a photo shoot last week for Voots, the photographer asked the ad agency guy if they wanted photos of me with a closed mouth smile with the product. He immediately said, “no way, that smile is what makes her Hollie. It’s part of her personality.”

People have always commented on my smile. It’s always been one of my better traits. When I was 15, I found out that I had to have braces. The reason? Too many teeth for my small mouth! Naturally, I was like, “have you seen the size of my smile?” with all of my 15 year old attitude. How can it be too small? It just was. I was devastated. Right when most teenagers are coming out of their awkward stage, I was hit with the braces train. Complete devastation was an understatement for what I felt. A metal mouth? Brace face? It was all too much to handle. I vowed to never smile again until those lousy braces came off.

Well, that vow last about a week and my smile crept back in. My big toothy grin was back but this time it was shining bright with metal. I decided that if I was going to have to deal with metal mouth, at least it was going to be shiny. I made it my mission to make sure my teeth gleamed with whiteness by brushing them three times a day. When the braces came off two years later, my effort paid off because my shiny, white, toothy grin was back without the metal getting in the way.

Ever since then, I’ve been vigilant about keeping my smile bright. When you have a smile as big as mine, everything has to be kept in check. Plus, with the white sunglasses that seem to be a permanent fixture on my head, I always try to keep my teeth as white as my glasses. If they weren’t, you’d know.

So, when Crest came to me to share their video to get the word out about keeping your smile bright and healthy with their Pro-Heath toothpaste, I was on board. Why not? It is the toothpaste I use and if it help my toothy grin stay healthy and white, I think you should know about it. So, take about 30 seconds, watch their cute video and then leave me a comment about something you remember about your “awkward stage”.

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