Go round and round with our favorite picks for mobiles

When my first baby was born, we bought three mobiles. Mostly because I couldn’t decide on which one I wanted. But in the end it worked out because we alternated the mobiles so she never got bored from staring at the same thing all the time. Then as she got older, we moved one to the changing table so she could have some entertainment while we tried to wrangle off those poopy diapers and it kept her from squirming. I’m definitely not the majority so I know most people don’t buy three mobiles but investing in one good one that will not only entertain baby as they gurgle and giggle themselves to sleep, it can also really jazz up your nursery room decor.

Mobiles are such a personal choice as you can prefer to have one that moves and plays music or perhaps you enjoy the handmade look of ones that move on their own relying on the Earth’s center of gravity. There are also modern mobiles, learning mobiles and wooden mobiles…the possibilities are endless. To help you on your quest for the perfect mobile, we narrowed the list to five of our favorite types of mobiles that will make both you and baby perfectly happy with whichever one you choose.

For the parents who love eco-friendly items: It’s a Jungle Up There Mobile, $46, at Land of Nod.

For parents that love handmade: Multi-birds Mobile, $130, at Blabla.

For parents that love music and movement: Tiny Love Nature’s Soothing Serenade Mobile, $54.95, at CSNBaby.

For parents that want a little Einstein: Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile, $23.77, at Amazon.

For parents that are always on-the-go: Tiny Love Animal Friends Take Along Mobile, $24.99, at Amazon.