Goodbyn- Practical and Interactive Lunches (and more)

Goodbyn is a bynto-style lunchbox that is fun and practical for parents and kids alike!


The smaller size, the Goodbyn Bynto, is the perfect on the go snack container but also works great as a lunchbox for toddlers.

The Original Goodbyn Lunchbox Kit is a lunchbox strategically portioned to ensure that your child not only gets the ideal portion size but also a well-balanced selection of foods. The six separate sections help me plan out lunches each morning — proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains, carbs and water.

Each Goodbyn has an extreme amount of versatility and practical features. Here are some ways we have used our Goodbyn’s in the past few months: school lunches, toddler lunches, snacks during outings, work lunches, picnic (and party) dips and veggies, salad with all the fixings separated (so it doesn’t get soggy), after school snacks divided up for each child and after sports snacks. The possibilities really are endless and I’ve founds new ways to use the Goodbyn each week.


Yes! My kids and I had so much fun searching through the dishwasher-safe stickers. My 9-year-old created a lunchbox that fit his personality and laughed the entire time. The silly faces, monsters, robots, foods, numbers and letters allowed him to customize his lunchbox just the way he wanted. He even said, “this is so much better than my lunchbox last year”.

My 3-year-old decorated his Goodbyn Bynto while we talked about which stickers he selected — naming the foods, letters and numbers. He helped me spell out his name while we placed the letters on the front and beamed with pride when he saw the finished product.

(names have been blurred)

Aren’t they adorable?

Speaking of the stickers, I went a little sticker-crazy myself. I read (on the packet of stickers) that you can use them on any food container. So what did I do? I labeled every piece of tupperware that we own. And guess what, they really are dishwasher-safe because I wash a lot of tupperware in this house. We have since decorated and labeled many other things including our sports water bottles (not just the ones from Goodbyn).

The stickers also come with allergy labels, which I think is the coolest thing. The allergy label stickers reminds not only your children but teachers, other parents, or whoever your child is with that they have an allergy.


  • The Original Goodbyn fits nicely in my 9-year-old’s backpack. We have some Goodbyn ice packs to help keep perishables cold until lunch time but I’m also a little finicky about that kind of stuff so I make sure he slips his Goodbyn in the insulated sleeve/pocket that is on the inside of his backpack.
  • Goodbyn recommends their products for ages 5 and up and now I know why. My 3-year-old is not able to close the Goodbyn Bynto on his own. The lid requires a good amount of force (think tupperware lid) and he’s just not coordinated or strong enough to master it… yet. Even my 9-year-old took a few days to get used to it (but he’s going through that stage where he would rather rush things now than think about having to clean up all the spilled food at the bottom of his backpack later).
  • Goodbyn is top-rack dishwasher-safe but I prefer to hand wash it only because I don’t usually run the dishwasher every night.
  • Goodbyn is made from recyclable food-safe plastics: #5 polypropylene (lunchbox and bottle lid) and #2 high-density polyethylene (bottle) and are BPA and phthalate-free.


  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made in the USA
  • Waste-free lunch
  • Saves you money


Goodbyn has everything you could need or want to supply you with a healthy and plentiful meal. Aside of the food, of course. Goodbyn also has cloth napkin sets, purified water ice packs, additional sticker sets and extra (or replacement) bottles.