Graco Joins the Land of the Sit n Stand

You can’t walk out your front door without seeing a Graco stroller somewhere.  They are everywhere.  Graco’s are the everyman (or everywoman) stroller!  They are budget-friendly and sold at every major retailer that sells baby gear.  Well, one thing Graco hasn’t done yet is a sit-n- stand stroller.  Until now.

At the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville last week, Graco debuted two sit-n-stand strollers (Graco calls it a “Stand and Ride”).  While we don’t have all the specs on the strollers yet (they were out of press kits!), we thought we would give you a sneak peek.

Graco Room for 2

The first stroller is the “Room for 2”.  It is your typical “sit-n-stand” stroller.  Seat in the front for a younger child with a bench and a stand platform in the rear for an older child to sit or stand. The front seat sports an adjustable 5-point harness and a large baby tray with two cup holders and a snack container. The rear of the stroller features a large parent tray and two handles for your rear standing child to hang onto.  I don’t remember how much the Room for 2 will retail for but it’s Graco so you know it will be reasonable.  The only thing that stood out to me about this Sit n Stand stroller is how small the canopy is.  One canopy is supposed to cover both children and it looks too small to sufficiently cover just one.  I just wish Graco had thought more about the size of this canopy.  Canopy size matters! Oh yeah, the Room for 2 also takes an infant car seat in the front.

Graco Ready2Grow

The Ready2Grow is the more deluxe “ride and stand” of the two new Gracos. While the Room for 2 is your typical sit-n-stand (nothing really special), the Ready2Grow has a unique, stand-out feature.  If you have been with us for a while, you would know that we don’t recommend putting a child under the age of 2 1/2 on the rear bench or standing platform on a sit n stand stroller.  We change our story with this stroller though. The rear of the stroller not only has a bench and standing platform but also a removable “jump seat” with a harness for a smaller child.  That means you can have a smaller child securely strapped in the rear jump seat close to mom (or dad) while another child sits in front. 

The Ready 2 Grow has a huge basket, double canopies (with pop-out sun visors), a big baby tray and a large parent tray.  If that isn’t enough, it has 12 different riding options.  That includes TWO infant car seats at the same time! Talk about versatility for a sit-n-stand (stand and ride)!


We don’t know the retail price on the Ready2Grow or the release date yet.  We will keep you posted.



  1. Hello Momof2 😀
    Graco stroller is a very reliable and inexpensive stroller that can do what other strollers are doing.
    As you noted above, it a lot heavier as of 2012, but am sure they have improved a lot – 2014.

  2. Has anyone used this stroller yet? I am torn between this one and the Joovy Ergo. I am in Canada and by the time I get a Joovy to my door it will be $700+ (including a rain cover and seat covers). The Graco would be around $299 plus tax. One thing I like about the Graco stroller is the jumpseat, both kids can sit and the younger isn’t stuck in a carseat. However, the Graco is a lot heavier, at 40lbs that is a lot for a smaller person (me!) to have to lift in and out of a car. My kids are currently 9 days and 22 months, so either seems to be a great option.

  3. Just ordered this at the Target Baby Sale… normally 179.99, on sale for 161, with the online coupon codes i used I got $15 off. Got free shipping with my redcard and the grand total was under 150 with tax. Tried it at the store and think for the price it will definitely be a good fit for our family.

  4. You can pre order it on I believe it is being released december 29, 2011. I’m definitely keeping my eye on this one, it looks really great!

  5. I NEED the ready2grow stroller!! We just moved to germany and we have a 5mnth old and a 23mnth old. there is alot of walking involved here and public transportation and the lil one running lose is not an option. we have a double jogging stroller and that doesn’t come in handy while walking in a busy city! i found this stroller on our exchange website but it doesn’t ship to APO addresses nor international and i can’t find it anywhere in my area!! how can i get this , it’s PERFECT!

  6. Oh I cant wait for more info on the Ready2Grow. I love Graco. I had a travel system with my first child and eventually went to a lightweight Graco stroller and never had any problems with the Graco strollers/car seats that we have. I plan to continue to use Graco products when my second child is born in January. Hopefully the Ready2Grow will be out by summer 2012 because it looks like it might be good for our summer vacations.

  7. Looks like a Joovy, but better. Hope it comes out soon, I might just add it to my stroller collection. I also have a friend who is looking for a good sit and stand. Can’t wait. Love me some Graco.

  8. In the 12 options picture, it looks like there are 2 pics of these configurations: car seat /kid front, Jump seat/ kids front, and FF standing kid/ kid front. Are those 2nd pics of same configuration showing the seats reclined?

    I really like the idea of car seat/ jump seat on back for smaller baby to face you. Too bad Graco quality is mediocre at best ..especially the wheels:\


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