Grandparent’s Day is this Sunday, September 11 — little gift ideas to help celebrate!

Grandparent's Day is this Sunday, September 11 -- little gift ideas to help celebrate!

There is something special about the bond that your children share with their grandparents. They have special names that they call each other, they get spoiled either with tons of love and affection or by means of gifts and other little tokens and for some reason, the grandparents ignore every rule the dentist every told them and give the kids as much cake, ice cream and candy as their little tummies can take. Some kids are lucky enough to live near their grandparents and see them quite often or even for weekend sleepovers and other kids only get the opportunity to see their grandparents once or twice a year during vacations but no matter how often they see each other, the special relationship is still there.

Thanks to President Jimmy Carter, Grandparent’s Day was declared a national holiday in 1978 as a way to honor our elders and reflect on the special place that grandparents have in your life. Whether you and your kids have special family traditions that you celebrate with the grandparents or if you’re looking for something new to start this year, here’s a few ideas to help you and the kids celebrate the day with the oldest generation of your family!

Grandparents love nothing more than to brag about their grandchildren and show photos. Make it easy for them with a homemade photo book from, $15.99.

Does Grandma and Grandpa live close-by? Perhaps an activity that they can do with the kids is the best way to celebrate them and baking cookies is a great activity for all ages. A Year of Cookie Cutters, $24.95, at

The gift of spending time together is always a great one to give, especially for grandparents. If they live close try getting them tickets to a museum, theme park or special event that they can take the kids to for the day. Or if they live far away, plan an outing just for them and the kids next time they’re in town for a visit.

Since we’re living in the “tech-age” perhaps it’s time that the grandparents got hip to Skype and IMing with the grandkids. Perhaps a tablet is in order (only if you can afford to splurge!), VIZIO 8″ Tablet with WIFI, $284.99, at

Personalized gifts are the best! Give grandma a necklace she can’t stop wearing from, Tree of Life Necklace, $120, and grandpa will love drinking his morning coffee from this mug, $11.49, at

And honestly, nothing beats a homemade card and a phone call from your grandkids wishing them a happy day. Just hearing their little voice is enough to put a smile on their face and yours too!

Happy Grandparent’s Day!



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