Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells Visit

The winter can be brutal in the northern states with single digit temperatures and lots of snow. These conditions can make it difficult for kids to get outside to play and burn off some energy. Since we spent so many years living in Chicago, we were fully aware that you need to always be on the hunt for warm (but fun!) indoor activities.

For our recent holiday visit to Wisconsin (another SUPER cold state!), we decided to spend the New Years having fun in the water in 85 degrees. Nope, we didn’t have to fly to the Caribbean for this type of winter fun, we just headed to the Wisconsin Dells!

Sure, it was 20 degrees outside, but at the Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells Resort, it was 85 and we were in swimsuits. Yeah, that is my kind of New Years alright! This wasn’t our first visit to the Great Wolf Lodge but it was our first New Years visit and we were super happy that we chose this destination to ring in the new year.

Our visit began with a bit of a hiccup but the resort fixed everything so that we can’t wait to go back for more the next time. Watch all the fun as our Junior Gizmo gal takes you behind the scenes of our Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells visit. To make the videos more manageable, we broke them up into two episodes.

Day 1:

Day 2:

If you are on the East Coast, we also have a video of the Great Wolf Lodge North Carolina location that you can watch here or the individual Great Wolf Lodge suites here and here.

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