Groupon Launches Getaways

Last month Groupon announced that Groupon Getaways was coming soon!  We have been waiting patiently for weeks now but today we are excited to tell you that it launched!  Need a getaway for a fraction of the original cost?  Las Vegas? Florida? Toronto? Myrtle Beach? Cancun? Tahiti? Those are just a few of the cities you could visit with the current Groupon Getaways.

You could end the summer with the getaway or grab one of these deals for the fall?  A few of the getaways can be taken after Christmas.  It’s definitely worth checking out. 

Miami Beach - Click on Getaway Deals
Las Vegas - Click on Getaway Deals
British Columbia - Click on Getaway Deals
Tahitian Islands

Check out all the current Groupon Getaways HERE