Gyro Bowl: A No-Spill Bowl? Yes! For the most part that is…

I had a pleasant mini vacation over the holidays where I could stay up until the wee hours of the night because I didn’t have to work the next day! Of course, staying up meant the informercials were out in full force during late night programming on the TV. Now I’ve been able to ignore Snuggies and counter rotisseries; even the lure of those cookers that makes pocket meals in less than 12 minutes couldn’t get me. But then, I saw…THE GYRO BOWL.

See, The Bee and I have a love-hate relationship with our carpet. He loves the carpet to use as his dedicated snack plate. This means that:

A. We vacuum daily because

B. We’re stepping on who knows what at random times during the day and

C. I hate vacuuming since

D. I have to do it everyday!

I mean, there’s only so much creative side-stepping one can do before crackers or other things get smashed by feet. Not only that, but our Furbaby likes to get in on the floor eating action, which means that who knows what exactly is going into The Bee’s mouth. We’ve tried regular bowls, cups, plates and everything just ends up on the floor!

So while I was watching the Gyro Bowl commercial and seeing kids walk around with their snacks, holding it every which way they could and nothing was spilling out, I thought, “My carpet’s saved! No more daily vacuuming!” I went and ordered it, feeling a little like Peggy Bundy in the process.

Upon receiving the Gyro Bowl, it’s really cute and space age-y looking. It has a very pleasant color scheme to it, teal rim and cap, orangey bowl area. It’s hard to describe the bowl, but basically, there are two bowls with a rim around the bigger one. There’s the bottom one, which has holes in it (I’m assuming for crumbs to pass through?), and then the center bowl is attached to a little plastic piece that allows it to spin around but keep everything in the center bowl. Too cool. The rim has plenty of places for little hands to grasp.

Excitedly, I load up some Cheerios into the Gyro Bowl and pick it up by the handles. Immediately the bowl on the inside shifts. No spills. AWESOME!

Next was the real test. The Bee wanders over to me, curious as to what I was holding. I hand him the Gyro Bowl like a regular bowl. He immediately grabs it with both hands and turns the bowl upside down. NO SPILLS! I’m giddy with excitement. He grabs a couple Cheerios and wanders off with the bowl in one hand to our living room, still no spills.

YES! I go merrily into the kitchen, celebrating that my days of vacuuming daily are over.

But then…I hear laughing… it’s my husband. He says, “Um, so your new bowl isn’t keeping The Bee from putting the Cheerios on the carpet.” I look up from the stove and say, “Uh, what?” Hubby: “Come here…”

…I walk into the living room and, I kid you not, The Bee managed to figure out how to dump the entire contents of the bowl in, not just one, but TWO WAYS!

First, The Bee decided he would simply place the bowl down on the ground and scoop out handfuls of Cheerios and place them on the ground.

Secondly, I didn’t account for the fact that if you shake the Gyro Bowl UP AND DOWN that the snacks will come out. He figured out how to do this next after my husband had scooped the Cheerios up back into the bowl. Really, where do they get these ideas?

Granted, The Bee is 15 months old and I really can’t prevent him from taking his snacks from the bowl and laying it out on the ground, but I CAN teach him not to shake the bowl up and down. So I wouldn’t call the bowl spill-proof as they advertise, but rather spill-resistant. Once The Bee stops shaking it up and down, I think I can happily say the Gyro Bowl is my carpet’s new best friend!

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Ann Craig, Editor Ann is a first-time mom in Southern California who loves buying "usefully cute" items for her son (Okay, she just likes having the excuse to satisfy her shopaholic nature). It would be even better if he also found them useful, then maybe she could get away with more items! But alas, he's happier chasing after her phone or his daddy's sneakers. When Ann's not busy playing keep-away with her son, she enjoys strolls around Disneyland, bargain-hunting and talking about all things baby! (Luckily for her, there are at least 9 people at her job who just had or who are having a baby so there's always someone to talk to. Something's in the water!!)

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Sara Harrison

I love that you bought this!! The gyro bowl is the first thing I have ever purchased from an infomercial 🙂 I’m still waiting for mine in the mail…

GLad you also purchased and reviewed 😉

Lorri Clark

I bought several of these for myself and gifts. My best friend said it was great except when her son held the bowl so that it didn’t “gyrate”, basically making it a regular bowl that could spill. Oh well. Worth a shot!