On the Hard Days, Do This to Remember Your Awesomeness

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Do you ever have those days where you realize just how overwhelming it is to raise a kid and that’s all you can think about? Like everything just hits you—all your mistakes, all your insecurities, all you haven’t taught your kid yet and all there is left to teach him. I think every single parent on this planet has felt this way more often than we’d openly admit. So what are we to do on those sad days? Do we let our insecurities take over our minds and wallow in self-pity all day? NO!

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On those rough days when you can’t remember why you’re incredibly awesome, let me give you a hand. Here are 4 tried and true ways to get your mind frame back in the game and remember you are amazing:

Beginning now: write down all the compliments people give you, right after they give them. I have a running note on my phone where I write the compliments people have texted me, said to me, or written in a card to me. I make sure to include who said it. That way, when all I can think about is my failures and shortcomings, I have unbiased and unprovoked compliments from others to help remind me of my worth.

Record yourself saying everything you’re great at or love about yourself. Okay, it sounds super cheesy but if you hear your own voice saying positive affirmations like, “I am a great mother” and “I am beautiful,” it’s easier to believe it on the hard days. Having a recording of your own voice saying it from a moment when you had truly felt it will be easier than trying to say it and believe it in the moments of doubt.

Watch funny fail videos. Nothing makes you feel better about how today is going than watching other people “fail” in hilarious ways. But if parents falling down, scaring their kids, or accidentally hitting their kid with a ball just isn’t your thing, watch parenting “win” videos. THIS is one of my favorites where you see dad after dad save their kids have great reflexes.

Get out of your funk by spreading the love to others. Maybe you’re having a hard time loving yourself right now but guess what? You aren’t alone! I bet you twenty bucks that your neighbor, your sister, your best friend from college, and/or that random lady you saw at the supermarket are currently having a day like that too. Want to remember why you’re so awesome? Because you know how to give a compliment that will make another person’s day. You know how to do that so do it! And once you start spreading love and kindness, you start feeling as awesome as you truly are!

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Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding job we get to do. It’s totally normal to have moments when we forget how amazing we are and how great we are doing. That’s why we at Baby Gizmo are here to remind you—you are rocking it, even when you don’t feel like you are. No amount of mac and cheese for breakfast or lack of library trips will change the fact that you are being the best mom you know how to be. And the fact that you have mom guilt that you use to try and be better the next day just proves you are a good parent. Keep it up, moms.

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Heather lives with her husband, daughter and son and has learned to accept that Utah is now her permanent home. Before becoming a stay at home mom, she taught elementary school and loves to use that background to create fun activities to entertain her children. Though staying home with the kids is great, Heather has always enjoyed finding more ways she can keep herself sane, including elaborate cross stitch designs and playing with any puppy she can find. She particularly loves to read and write and prides herself in always remaining honest in her posts about life as a wife and mother, even when the truth is sometimes embarrassing.



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