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We know you’ve heard that the hottest toy of the 2016 holiday season is the Hatchimal! Yep, that magical crazy, interactive bird that hatches from an egg that your kids have probably been begging for. Sure, they peck their way out of the egg but you know how we feel about the Hatchimals. Do we think they live up to the ridiculous hype? Watch our video and you’ll see!

Regardless how we feel, we know that kids can’t be swayed and they are desperate for Hatchimals for Christmas which makes parents desperate to find them. Parents are lining up outside of stores at 3am to grab these birds. Others are sleeping outside the store. While others are paying 2x-10x the retail price for them! WHY?!?!


Again, we know that kids aren’t being convinced easily that they don’t want this for Christmas, so we decided to help one lucky parent out! When we went to Target to film our Hatchimals video last week at 6am, we lucked out and grabbed an extra Hatchimal that just came off their truck. Sure, we could sell it for way over retail price but you know what?! We aren’t JERKS! We are giving it away! 🙂 Yep, we BOUGHT the Hatchimals to give away to one of you!

Our Junior Gizmo gal explains it best in this quick video:


This is a FLASH GIVEAWAY because it will only last 36 hours. We have to end the giveaway on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 12:00noon EST because we need time to ship the Hatchimal to the winner to get to them in time for Christmas!


How to Enter



One (1) Hatchimal


This Baby Gizmo giveaway STARTS now and ends at 12:00pm EST on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. US ONLY.

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not.  But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.* 

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  1. One of my favorite gifts as a kid was my pair of roller skates! Roller skating was all the rage back then, and I didn’t have to rent skates at the rink anymore! I could use them at the rink, I could use then on our street! I loved them and hated taking them off my feet!

  2. My favorite was my first Cabbage Patch Kid, Ellie Renee. My mom waited in a line for hours at Hills dept store because I desperately wanted one for Christmas and it was the first year they came out.

  3. I desperately wanted a cabbage patch kid one year. I found it before Christmas and couldn’t keep my mouth shut…guess what I did not get? Yup! Learned my lesson. 🙂

  4. I would really love to have this under my tree for one of my girls!!!! There are people selling them for $200 which is absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  5. My favorite holiday toy was the Holiday Barbie I’d get every year from my grandma! I was never allowed to open them, but I loved them! I still have my whole collection in the garage somewhere…

  6. Daughter wants a hatchimal for Christmas haven’t had any luck purchasing one so I thought I’d try the giveaway. Plus if I don’t win I like the site

  7. Cabbage Patch Doll. My parents ordered it from Service Merchandise and when it came in, we went down to the store and I waited anxiously as it rode down the conveyor belt to me. Seriously, one of my favorite childhood memories and most beloved toy!!!

  8. My daughter wanted a hatchimal but they sell out quickly and the others sell them for like $200. She wants one but reviews of them are not the best.

  9. Oh God, these Hatchimals!! They have become the bane of my existence! My friends daughter wants one so badly and she takes care of my son so I would do anything for her!! I now feel my mothers pain! I was a kid during the Cabbage Patch fiasco, lol!! It’s all I wanted and I can’t imagine how hard it was for them to get one!! There was no internet?? No eBay!! lol!! No idea how she did it!! I so loved my Cabbage Patch kid!! I still remember how amazing they smell!! Mine had red hair and her name was Karina Rose!! Lol???

  10. I loved anything dress up. I remember getting a She-Ra costume complete with mask and sword. I was the Princess of Power everywhere we went for about two months. Thanks for the opportunity for a Hatchimal!

  11. My son would love this and so would I. Money is tight this year with me being pregnant and too sick to work. It would be a blessing especially at this time of year.

  12. I always really, really wanted a power wheels but my mom never got me one. I thought they were so cool. I also never had a doll house. My favorite toy I can remember, besides barbies was a baby that crawled and then would fall sprawled out on her belly and you had to lift her up and help her start crawling again lol. I remember that doll like it was yesterday and I loved it. I also had a “baby shivers” it was a cool doll that I loved and she shivered when you put her in the sun (which ma,Es no sense) but I was 6 so I loved it….
    Thanks so much for this chance! I’d love to win and suppose my kids! I’ve tried so much and so many times to get one. I’ve gotten to the stores 3 to 4 hours in advance and I’m always 1 or a few people behind the last hatchimal! Ugh…
    And I really hope I don’t go thru all the trouble of trying to get one and my kids pull what your youtube video was about lol. I can see the 10 year old doing it but hopefully the 4 year old will love it as much as she loves her furby.,

  13. My favorite toy was my high fashion doll in a purple dress with matching high heels – this was many moons ago before Barbie appeared. My granddaughter would love a Hatchimal. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

  14. My favorite was my Cabbage Patch Doll! We never really got much but one year I got a beautiful doll with brown pigtails and I treasured her for YEARS!

  15. My favorites were Everything and Anything CUTE! But the one I loved most from Santa and still wish I had today to give to my kids is the 1970″s Tonka VW RV! It was the best thing ever! When not playing with my dolls, I’d take it to the top of a hill, sit on it, and roll all the way down! It was a BLAST! Actually, I really do miss all the metal Tonka toys from the 70’s. Another favorite was a Tonka Dune Buggy that I would pretend was my favorite cartoon character “Speed Buggy”!

  16. I have no idea what my favorite holiday toys were growing up … we really didn’t get toys. we played outdoors …rode bikes, jump rope, kick ball ,built forts, snowball fights, card games board games

  17. My niece asked for one of these for Christmas. Personally I think these are silly. I would not pay the crazy prices people are asking for these. My sister hasn’t been able to get one for my niece either so if I was to win it…I think I would win best aunt ever award. Thanks for the chance!

  18. My favorite toy I received for Christmas was a Teddy Bear. I named him “Teddy Bear” (I know real original – lol) and he was known to my entire family (in Spanish) as “EL Teddy Bear!” He traveled with me everywhere, even when we moved out of the country. I had him all through my childhood and into high school He was the best toy I’ve ever owned as a child.

  19. The most memorable toys for me was the Barbie Dream House from Santa, the fairy that would spin off when you pulled a string, and Tamagochi! Haha

  20. My favorite gift i ever got as a kid would have to be a Furby! The Hatchimals remind me of them and kind of being me back to a childhood toy! They were so popular back then and it’s cool to see something a little similar to it.

  21. My favorite toys were dolls, stuffed animals, board games, Tink r Toys,my brothers soldiers. (I know I’m dating myself here!)

  22. my favorite holiday toy growing up with my alf stuffy..i still have it packed up too. its a little wore but in decent shape to be over 30yrs old. lol

  23. My favorite toy growing up was my Dream Kitchen, it was just the right size for my Barbie and Ken and I spent many hours playing with it!

  24. My niece has surprisingly asked for this. Doing what we can to try to help her out, kind of like trying to find the pie face game last year!

  25. My favorite gift (and I still have nearly 30 years later) is a Gund stuffed animal dog named Muttsy. I had wanted it so badly and ended up getting him when I had the flu during Christmas so he helped make me feel better.

  26. My family wasn’t able to get me a Cabbage Patch doll but I got a surprised stuffed animal where you didn’t know if it was a bear, a cat, a dog, etc. until you opened the box

  27. I don’t really remember what my favorite toy was–my childhood was many years ago. I remember that I wanted an Easy-Bake Oven, but I couldn’t have one–because I knew how to use the real stove/oven in the main kitchen! I thought Trolls were funny-looking; they made me smile.

  28. I was born in 1979 and I was part of that Cabbage Patch craze. Luckily my dad got one for me somehow. He was not the type to camp outside of a Toys R Us though so I think it was through a friend of a friend probably!

  29. My favorite toys growing up from Christmas’ past were Puppy Surprise, Pogs (lol!), and then the original Sony PlayStation when I was a little bit older. So much fun!

  30. My favorite toy growing up was my Talk Girl recorder. My sister is 5 years younger than me and my friends and I would record ourselves playing and then sneak out the window to play outside with her! Lol. We are now best friends!

  31. One of my favorite toys was my Pee Wee Herman watch. There was a place to put the “word of the day” and I would freak out anytime someone said it. I always asked for a Snoopy slushee maker and never got it (guess my mom didn’t want the hassle of it ?).

  32. My favorite toy growing was a cat doggy set that came with a dog carrier. I remember the imagination I had back then. I love seeing that same imagination in my son. Love this giveaway. He would love a hatchimal.

  33. I never got one but I always wanted an Easy Bake oven. I enjoyed playing with it at my freinds houses though. I guess my favorite toys were Barbie and her accessories.

  34. My favorite toy as a kid was my easy bake oven! I made lots of treats for my family. Now I enjoy helping my granddaughters bake with their easy bake ovens!

  35. We have been looking for months for one with no luck. It’s on my daughter’s Santa letter and I am fearing she will be disappointed come Christmas morning. She’s never been into the fad toys until this year but I don’t think she even knew it was a fad. I’m not excited about what it is but she’s almost 6 and I understand her attraction to the toy. She LOVES animals so it’s not shocking. Hoping to win this! Love your site and videos.

  36. My favorite toy was a stuffed dog that you could walk like a real one. If I’m posting a lot… I’m sorry, but my posts are not showing up… it’s the internet acting up.

  37. My favorite was the cabbage patch dolls! So excited for this giveaway since this is the only thing my 3 yo son wants for Christmas!

  38. I can’t figure out a great Santa gift for my daughter who loves animals… I think she would freak over this. My fave Christmas gift/toy growing up was a scooter.

  39. This toy was such a great hit and how could it possibly not be! This generation of kids are all super into the egg surprise toys and blind bags/boxes. My daughter was instantly hooked when she heard about this new toy innovation. Sold out nationwide making this such a generous giveaway thank you very much!

  40. My favorite Christmas toy was either my Chatty Cathy or my Budding Beauty Vanity Set. Circa 1964-67?? Thanks for doing this one…..We are not falling for the hype, but DGS would be surprised if he got one!

  41. Mine was the easy bake oven! Loved that thing. My favorite thing as an adult would have to be the year the hubby and kids got me a bunch of lululemon clothes. 🙂

  42. I don’t understand the hype, but my kiddos want one!! I was glad to see Trolls come back in style because they were my favorites when I was a kid 🙂

  43. One of my favorite toys growing up was a Cabbage Patch kid that my aunt waited in line for when it they were released! I still have it and have given it to my girls, along with my original American Girl doll.

  44. I remember getting a Cabbage Patch for Christmas when I thought for sure I wouldn’t get one – hope to surprise my son with a hatchimal for the same “Christmas magic”! Thanks for the chance!

  45. My favorite toy i received that i remember was my barbie tgat said like 1000 different sayings. As an adult my best gift received was my son who will be 9 on the 21st..

  46. I’m trying to win for my friend as my kids don’t know about it yet! Thank God! But my friend’s kids really want one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. My daughter would like one, but I convinced her even Santa was having a hard time getting them and it’s not something he can make in his workshop.

  48. I’d love to win a hatchimal for my daughter. It’s on her Christmas list. But it’s not on my budget…. $69.99 for a toy. Not gonna happen when you’re on a single budget household.

  49. My favorite holiday toy was probably my first American Girl Doll – Kirsten, or my original Cabbage Patch Doll – Rory Edie (yes, that was her official birth certificate name).

  50. I’m hoping and praying to win the Target Hatchimals giveaway by Baby Gizmo and Hollie Schultz! Our little girl would be blown away if she got this! (From Santa of course!) 😉

  51. My daughter would love this even though it seems boring. She loves stuffed animals so I think she would like it after it finished hatching as well.

  52. I learned about Baby Gizmo when I worked at a baby store and I still check it out today. I really enjoy how items are looked at from a practical view…not just how a manufacturer would describe it. As for the Hatchimal…I am hoping to win this for my daughter and grandson to do together!

  53. i loved my creepy crawler oven! other girls were into easy bake, but i wanted to make some soft sticky plastic spiders and worms!!! i loved it!

  54. Cute toy. Not worth the hype though. Figured I’d take a chance, lol. My son would be so surprised if he got one for Xmas.

  55. My favorite Christmas gift as a kid was a Little Mermaid Barbie 🙂 I thought for sure I was going to be a mermaid when I grew up!

  56. My favorite toy I got for the holidays when I was younger was probably my Ferby. My parents usually couldn’t afford the hottest toys so I was really surprised that Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!????☃❄️

  57. Favorite Christmas present? Probably the very first Holiday Barbie that my stepmom went to three states to find just for me. Still have it. In the box, mint condition.

  58. My favorite holiday gift was a bike I got one year because my parents convinced me santa had dropped it off at our door and when I ran to the window I swore I saw him flying in the stary sky! Lol one of my favorite memories

  59. My favorite toy was the *fake* cabbage patch doll I received one year. I cried innsecret at first because we were too poor for my mom to buy the real thing and I was disappointed. Then I named her Kelly (she even had a pacifier!!) and she became my favorite! ?

  60. My kid wants this so bad, but living in a small border town, the only ones found around here are going for more than $100!!! I told myself I would not cave in and buy it, but winning one…. one can only hope! ?

  61. My favorite Christmas toy was my spring horse! We got my daughter one this year (2 yrs old) and man they do not make them like they use too. I use to get serious bounce with my spring horse. She is going to have to work a little harder to get some bounce.

  62. This year for my techy 5 and 8 yr old son and daughter, it’s all about Yo Kai Watc, Minecraft and getting the Nintendo 3DS, which I already have! 😉 A Hatchimal would be a +++++!

  63. When I was younger I loved Barbies. I played with Barbies all the way through my teen years too. If I had a daughter I’d be getting her Barbies too. I have 4 boys though, so the only Barbies I’ll get to buy will be for my nieces.

  64. Sadly I don’t really remember what my favorite toy was when I was a kid though I do remember being pretty thrilled about my She-Ra costume. LOL

  65. At 9 years old I got my American Girl Samantha doll. It was absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to give it to my own daughter some day. My mom stressed out about it for a long time. It showed up on Christmas Eve at approximately 7 o’clock. She was so relieved when it finally came. I cherished that doll for many years!

  66. Loved your video, and I totally agree it will end up in a pile of toys within a day! But My kids would love it if I won one of these for them!! Thanks for the chance!

  67. My favorite holiday toy was baby doll I got when I was 6 year old. All my friends had one and I was so excited to get one too.

  68. My sisters and I grew up playing board games like Monopoly and Life. We’d get a group gift and share them, so board games were for all of us. When we got older, we got the Atari video game system.

  69. This is the one gift my daughter asked for and we had to come up with a plan b, this would be amazing to win! The scalpers have made me sooooo sad this year 🙁

  70. Thanks for the entry ahh even tho these things are crazy my kid wants one just not paying $300 for one out of stock anywhere near here!


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