Headed outdoors? Don’t forget these fabulous blankets!

There’s nothing worse then heading to the local park, finding the perfect spot under a shady tree to sit and watch the kids play to only find out that it’s completely wet where you just sat. Ugh…you know it’s happened to you and to me (yesterday in fact). While I’m not a fan of having wet and soggy pants, I am a fan of outdoor blankets that can be put down on the ground and not absorb wetness or dirt. So now that I’ve sat in wet about 25 times, I finally decided it’s time to arm myself with the right gear and actually keep it in the trunk of the car so we’re always ready for impromptu stop at the park!

Tuffo Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket with Carrying Case, $32.99, at amazon.com

JJ Cole Essentials Blanket, $29.95, at amazon.com

Picnic Time Sunshine Blanket Tote, $17.95, at amazon.com

Talk about mulit-tasking…this blanket is also a diaper bag and toy tote all-in-one! Leachco Play Day Outdoor Blanket and Tote, $44.95, at amazon.com


Here’s one that Dad won’t even mind carrying! Diaper Dude Blanket, $39, at amazon.com

Where will you be heading with your outdoor blankets this summer?

Christine Fox is Everyday Mama to two and a San Diego-based freelance writer and PR pro. She loves everything that has to do with shopping, baby gear and being the talk of the playgroup when she finds the perfect shirt and diaper bag. Her philosophy is simple: that being a mom does not mean that you should sacrifice style. You can be a mom and stylish! When she's not shopping or writing about shopping and baby gear, she can be found playing with her two kids at the park. For more mom finds, you can follow her on Twitter @EverydayMama and visit her own daily blog at everydaymama.com.


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