A Heart Lunch For Your Kid’s On Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, on a chilly January day I busied myself in the kitchen for a special little lunch. Once it was delivered to the table, my 4 year old said, “What? A heart lunch? Is it Valentine’s Day already?!?”

Stuttering a bit, I replied, “Um, well, kind of, we’re sharing a heart lunch with our internet friends! You get a heart lunch today because I love you (and so we can take pictures, lol) and then on Valentine’s Day, you’ll get another one!”

Done and done. My spur of the moment explanation made everyone happy.

She was thrilled to dive into her heart lunch and see what heart and pink things her brother got dished up. It was all love for our merry January meal and it looks like we’ll be whipping up a heart lunch come Valentine’s Day too 🙂

heart lunch 2

Meal 1 consisted of heart cheese and heart apple bites made with this, a bacon heart, a sliced hard boiled egg arranged in the shape of a heart and strawberry yogurt in a heart shaped silicone cupcake liner. Easy peasy and most likely things you already have at home.

heart lunch 1

Meal two debuted another heart shaped cupcake liner filled with cashews, a medley of pink and purple fruit, and an open faced PB&J sandwich cut into the shape of a heart.

What other pink or heart foods would your little ones appreciate in a Valentine’s Day heart lunch?