Hedbanz: A Fun Game For The Whole Family!


We were recently gifted this game, and it has provided us with so many laughs, that I had to share it! Hedbanz is the classic old “What am I?” game, where you each wear a headband and there is a card placed on your head with a picture of a thing on it- an airplane, an animal, a type of food- and your job is guess what you are by asking the other layers questions!

This set comes with six headbands, 74 colorful cards, 24 small counters (not suitable for children under 3) and a sand timer. My family and I have had so many laughs watching our kids ask “Do I fly? Do I swim? Can I eat it? Is it in the sky?”

As our youngest is almost 3, we don’t bring out the counters, because it’s just funny watching him and his sister trying to figure out what they are. And I’m sure us adults look very silly too! We sometimes throw out clues like “You love to eat it!” or “It’s your favorite animal!” to help the kiddos along, which they love.



Hedbanz is currently sold for $14.12 and is fun for the whole family, regardless of age. Add this to your collection of family games!

BUY The Hedbanz Game HERE

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