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Here’s to the Parents who Bite the Bullet and Get Sh*t Done

Do you realize just how often you naturally “bite the bullet ” during your parenting? In other words, how often you endure an unpleasant situation for the greater good for your child?

Do you appreciate all the times your spouse has instinctively dealt with all the unpleasantness your child sometimes brings?

Do you recognize how awesome of a parent you are for putting your kids above yourself 98% of the time?

Parenthood has made some serious adjustments to your life and some are really difficult to deal with but they’ve turned you into quite the bada** and we at Baby Gizmo want to recognize you for all the times you’ve bit that proverbial bullet in the name of good parenting:

~Boogers gross you out but you still bite the bullet and literally suck the snot from their congested sinuses using the Nose Frida —something pre-kid you vowed never to do.

~Being wrist deep in constant diapers may make you carry the aroma of crap for the rest of the day but you bite the bullet and dive in anyways so your kid doesn’t get a rash. (And so he won’t become known in the neighborhood as “Poopy Peter…”)

~Skipping alcohol, caffeine, dairy, eggs, peanut butter, chocolate, bread, bacon, Skittles…. feels like literal torture during your withdrawals but you bite the bullet because your sensitive breastfeeding baby needs that liquid gold more than you need a care-free diet for a few months.

~Even though you can almost see your hard earned money dissolving away while making bottle after bottle of expensive formula, you bite the bullet and continue to buy it because baby’s gotta eat and that stuff is heaven sent.

~Pumping at work is uncomfortable and it was awkward when your boss walked in on you that one time but you bite the bullet and keep chugging away because you’ve got the long-term perspective.

~The stretch marks and spider veins that now decorate your body might always impede on your confidence but you continue to bite the bullet and accept them because they aren’t going anywhere. You just keep reminding yourself why they showed up and are grateful for what they represent.

~And you may pee yourself a little every time you sneeze or laugh too hard, but you bite the bullet and laugh about it, commiserating with fellow moms who know your pain.

~It crushes your soul a little every time you put on makeup but someone still comments on your tired eyes and suggests you just “get more sleep.” But instead of ranting about all the reasons you haven’t slept since your class-skipping college days, you bite the bullet and nod in agreement. Because you know that getting up to feed the baby or to comfort the toddler after a night terror is more important than how bright your eyes look in the morning.

~And speaking of exhaustion:

snape meme bite the bullet

~Heaven help you if you’ve got a stubborn toddler who takes a year to potty train. Though you want to throw in the towel and leave her in a diaper until she’s in college (hey, at least it’ll keep the boys at bay!), you bite the bullet and remain semi-patient, even when poop is smeared all over your hand from helping her wipe.

~Getting kneed in the nuts (dads) or elbowed in the boobs (moms… and maybe some dads) while letting your kids climb on you like a human jungle gym hurts but you bite the bullet because they are having fun and you don’t want them to see you cry.

~Stepping on that same damn Lego for the billionth time makes you want to scream every obscenity in your vocabulary but instead, you bite the bullet and do it silently in your head, since you don’t want to be judged for teaching your 4 year old how to curse in 8 languages.

bite the bullet lego

~Having that door slammed in your face repeatedly because your teenager is being… well, a teenager, makes you want to knock it down with a sledgehammer but you bite the bullet and deal with it in a more mature way. Because even through the attitude and mood swings, you love that darn kid more than life itself and she will know it by the time you’re done with her!

~You work three jobs from home to supplement income while trying to raise your kids, which means little breaks and lots of stress. But you bite the bullet because you can handle what is needed of you and you’re rocking the balancing act, even if you don’t always feel like it.

Like we said, parenthood just naturally turns you into a rock star. There are many more moments, good and bad, that go unnoticed. There are the completed chores that are taken for granted and the influential turning points you navigate the kids through. It’s hard, but you do it, and we’re applauding you for all of it.

You deserve the pat on your back that doesn’t always come with your sacrificing… Better yet, you deserve chocolate, a mani/pedi, and the best sex of your life for what you do every day!

Keep it up, parents

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