Hold-On Handles: Additional Hands for Mom

Ever feel like you just don’t have enough hands?  Have an older toddler that likes to walk (instead of ride in the stroller) and might not be ecstatic about holding hands all the time?  Want to help teach your children to stay within arm’s reach while giving them a little independence?

The Hold-On Handles might just be the tool for you!  These handles are not only a great stroller accessory but a walking rope to help keep 1-3 children within arm’s reach.  My 4 year old has recently outgrown the stroller riding stage and has slowly transitioned from a “runner” to a “wanderer”.  When he was a runner, he literally would take off running in one direction away from me.  Why?  Because he was an unpredictable toddler!  Now, he doesn’t so much run but just slowly gets distracted and wanders.  I don’t think he intentionally tries to wander but his curiosity gets the best of him.  He’s at the age that hand-holding is really a must but he either isn’t into it all the time or I just don’t have a free hand for whatever reason.  This is why I love the Hold-On Handles!

On one end is a fun handle with different patterns and colors for the child to hold connected with a 22” adjustable strap to a large carabiner on the other end.  You connect the carabiner to a stroller and have your child hold the handle while walking alongside the stroller.  There is also a parent wrist strap to use the Hold-On Handle as a walking rope.  The strap features a quick release buckle in the center for added safety.  While the Hold-On Handles work great with strollers, we also found they are fantastic for grocery carts as well.

As an added bonus, they work great for twins or multiple children because you can use three handle straps (sold separately unless you get the Double Handle Set) on one carabiner.

Now, the Hold-On Handle isn’t a miracle worker.  It is a tool to help teach your child to stay close.  Your child has to make the decision to hold the handle.  There is a learning curve for a curious child.  At first, I found that my 4 year old would drop the handle as soon as he saw something interesting and start to walk away.  I had to remind him to grab the handle or he would have to sit in the stroller or cart.  Since he likes to walk, he would immediately grab the handle again.

The Hold-On Handles are especially great for parents who dislike toddler harnesses for the embarrassment that they say harnesses cause.  The Hold-On Handles is a more fun, less humiliating option to help teach your child to stay close while not keeping them on a “leash”.  (I’ve used toddler harnesses – so I’m not judging!)

The Hold-On Handles are great to keep attached to your stroller or in your diaper bag if it is ever needed.  If you are looking for a great tool to help keep your wanderers close but still give them a little independence, the Hold-On Handles are great!

Product Details

  • The first stroller accessory and walking rope to help keep 1-3 children within arm’s reach.
  • Snaps onto strollers or can be worn comfortably on mom’s wrist. Children can be safely active.
  • Children LOVE to grasp the whimsical handles—and their independence.
  • Sold in sets for single or multiple children (18+ months) in two stylized themes.
  • Unlike embarrassing harnesses, Hold-On Handles help teach children to stay close while making everyone look and feel great.
  • Spare handles (sold separately) can be used for replacement and personalization.

Product Features

  • Carabiner snaps easily onto strollers
  • Comfortable parent wrist strap
  • Adjustable straps
  • Quick release buckle for added safety
  • Tested by the leading international safety testing company
  • Lead-free paint and non-toxic materials


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