Holderness Family Viral Christmas Jammies Video Trumps Any Christmas Card

I know you are humming that catchy little Christmas Jammies song this morning, right?!? It’s one of those songs that sticks in your head and you find yourself singing all day. “…in my Christmas jammies…”

If you haven’t already seen the Holderness Family Christmas Video that went viral the last two days, you have to take a couple minutes and watch it. This family from Raleigh, NC has nailed the social media Christmas card in every way possible! Opting out of the mass produced, boring holiday photo cards, this family just became my new Christmas heroes.

1) They made it okay to wear matching family Christmas pajamas! I think I’m placing my order for next year right now! I was just waiting for the green light from SOMEONE! Thanks, Holderness Family!

2) They made family music videos cool! My siblings and I used to make music videos all the time when we were kids in the 80s! We were just a little ahead of our time, I guess.

NOTE: My husband is pretty clear that it is NOT okay for us to wear matching family Christmas pjs and dance around in a video for the world to see. I guess we’ll see next year! 😉