Holiday Card Check List

Photo Credit: Tiny Prints

It’s that time! Its time to start planning and preparing the Holiday Cards.

Here are some steps to get you organized and ready before the Holidays creep up on you and you’re caught scrambling.


To Do Now:

1. If you’re doing a photo card- schedule a photography session or take pictures of your kids/family in natural light (tip- take the picture outside on a sunny day- in the shade- or on an overcast day is best). A lot of photographers have Holiday Session specials going on right now… If you’re not doing a photo card, it’s still a great time to get family pictures done. You can even frame some and give them to grandparents as a gift!

2. Select which company you want to order from. I really like Tiny Prints, Shutterfly and Paper Culture and keep an eye on their on going deals (free shipping, percentage off of Holiday cards, etc.)

To Do in October:

3. Select which design you want (and after you receive the photos, pick the pictures you would like on the card… if you’re doing a photo card).

To Do at the End of October:

4. Order the cards

5. Print address labels and buy stamps

To Do at the End of November or Beginning of December:

6. Send the cards out the day after Thanksgiving! (okay, not really, but some do. I’ve done that once but I think I only had one kid that year…)