Holiday countdown crazy!

Holiday countdown crazy!

I’m probably not the only one that is totally freaked out come Black Friday that, unfortunately, there is so much left to do on my holiday list. Cards to order (note to self…must take photos FIRST), cookies to bake, presents to buy and wrap, holiday parties to throw and attend…the list is endless and before we know it, the holiday season is over. To keep myself and my family on task during the holiday season, we have many, many countdown calendars around the house. Some we make, some we buy, some we read and some we even EAT! It’s true, there are a million different ways to countdown to the holiday and for some reason my neighbor prefers the big electric yard sign that is something out of the Griswald’s Christmas Vacation movie that stares at me morning, noon and night. While I much prefer something that the kids can appreciate…here’s a look at some of my favorites for this season!

This one is a two-fer…you make it (great rainy day project) and then hang it! Crafty Countdown Calendar, $24.95, at

I love how this calendar doesn’t have to be hung to a wall — it looks great by a fireplace and you can tuck treats into the pockets! Plush Snowman Advent Calendar, $79 (sale!), at

If you want to add your own style to an advent calendar, this one is a great choice. Just add your own cards or envelopes and tuck under the clips for countdown fun. I suggest adding an activity a day inside the envelopes like, bake cookies for a neighbor or give someone a hug today. Advent Holiday Card Holder, $79, at

This is so cute draped by the fireplace and filled with fun little treats for little hands! Hats and Mittens Advent Calendar, $98, at

It’s an advent calendar but it’s also a math learning tool and a fun puzzle for little tots! Abacus Advent Calendar, $38, at

For the boys in your life that can’t get enough of LEGOs or Star Wars…LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, $46.68, at

Don’t celebrate Christmas? Don’t feel left out…I love this countdown calendar of all eight light-filled days! Hanukkah Calendar, $49, at

What’s your favorite way to countdown the days?

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