2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Toddler

It’s that time of year again to start brainstorming – and shopping – for those special kids in our lives! Today’s holiday gift guide is for the toddler, and we’ve chosen some great ideas for boy and girl toddlers alike. This gift guide has options at various price points, so I hope you can find at least one good idea for the special toddler or toddlers in your life! (Note: a toddler is 12 to 36 months old.)

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Toddler

  1. Cozy Coupecozy coupe

Every toddler needs a cozy coupe! There’s a reason this toy has been around for 30 years! ( Amazon, $45)

2. Little People

little people

My kids love Little People sets – they are interchangable and fit in their hands perfectly! You can find a set that matches the toddler’s interest! (Amazon, $10+)

3. Personalized Book


Most toddlers think the world revolves around them – make it so, with a personalized book! Our favorite is from Lost My Name. They even customize the book to your home! (Lostmy.name, $30)

4. Kitchen Helper

kitchen helper

File this under gear I didn’t know we needed until we got it! A kitchen helper is great – it’s like a gated step stool that puts my toddler at the perfect counter height. Getting them involved in the cooking and baking process is messy, but much more fun 🙂 (Amazon, $116)

5. Strider Bike


Recommended for ages 18 months and up, a balance bike helps a toddler learn to ride a bike without training wheels. My son loves his! (Amazon, $90)

6. Ride On Toy

ride on

Toddlers love ride on toys, that’s a fact. There are so many to choose from – I think this Radio Flyer airplane one is adorable! (Amazon, $30)

7. Instrument Set


Toddlers also love to make noise, and the more the better! We love this instrument set – it is durable and colorful. (Target, $23)

8. Go! Go! Smart Wheels

smart wheels

These sets are adorable. You can build on them with multiple sets, and the cars are “smart” when you interact with them. (Amazon, $29)

9. Play Fishing Set


This magnetic fishing set keeps toddlers busy for hours! (Amazon, $17)

10. Basketball Net


Sports are always a big hit with toddlers. There are a lot of options, like soccer goals, baseball tees, and the ever popular basketball net, that adjusts as they grow. (Amazon, $30)

11. Play Kitchen

play kitchen

A wooden play kitchen is a stellar addition to any play room. They are durable and timeless! (Amazon, $99 – great price!)

12. Playhouse

play house

There is something so magical and special about a play house, or play tent, or whatever unique space you create to hang out in.  (Land of Nod, $160)

13. Sit and Spin

sit and spin

Another completely classic toy from our childhood, there’s a reason the sit and spin is still around. Toddlers will squeal with delight. (Amazon, $27)